Potion Spells Slot Review

Potion Spells Slot Review

Few games can compete with Potion Spells when it comes to innovative gameplay. This slot runs on a 7X7 grid, with 48 icons—all based on the ingredients of a witch’s potion. With every spin, the icons whirl down seven columns. No need to watch for paylines or anything like that in this game; wins are created when five or more matches form a “cluster” on the grid.


This game is well designed for slot players who like a lot of action in their session. Almost every spin leads to something fun, and there are lots of custom features that will keep you on the edge of your seat. To get a good understanding of how this game works, continue reading this Potion Spells slot review. Here at Bodog Casino, we’ll cover the gameplay, design, and the unique bonus features included in the base game.

Gameplay & Design

As you can tell by the cauldron sitting over a fire, brewing some sort of green concoction, this game is set in a witch’s home. Above the cauldron are glass vials connected by tubes that fill with the green liquid as you play—this is actually a Progress Bar, which we’ll explain in the next section. The game icons are all designed as ingredients for potions and spells; Amanita mushrooms, glancing eyeballs, purple feathers, frogs and vials filled with coloured, bubbling liquid can be found with every spin.

Instead of using a traditional slot format with reels, Potion Spells sends game icons spinning down a 7X7 grid. As mentioned, there are no paylines here. A payout is triggered when you land a minimum of five connected icons called a cluster. The matching icons must be connected on the side or the top or bottom.

Key Features

Refilling Reels

When icons form a winning cluster and issue a payout, they pop and disappear from the grid, making way for icons above to drop down and fill the vacant spots. This could lead to a new win, free of charge.


The wild icon substitutes for game symbols in order to create a winning cluster.

Second Chance

Spins that fail to trigger a payout get a “second chance” through this feature. Watch as a random number of icons transform into wilds. Hopefully it will trigger a winning cluster.

Progress Bar

The glass vials above the bubbling cauldron fills with green liquid every time you win a payout. Every time you fill one of the four vials, one of the following four bonus features is activated:


Three to six symbols become wilds and then “detonate” the four symbols that surround them (above, below and both sides) if they’re not part of winning clusters.


Watch all of the low-paying symbols disappear from the reels to make space for higher-paying icons.


The icon in the middle of the grid transforms into a wild. All of the icons in the diagonal pathways of the wild will turn into randomly-selected game icons—and they all match. The only exception is if there is a wild in the pathway, at which point, it remains a wild.


One game icon (and all of its matches) is selected to turn itself into a different matching icon, boosting the odds of forming winning clusters.

The Pot

If you manage to get to the end of the Progress Bar, the Pot feature is activated. This sends a giant wild onto the grid that takes up a 3X3 footprint. For the next respin, the wild is split into two wilds that take up slightly smaller 2X2 footprints. For the third respin, the two wilds turn into nine individual wilds that rock the grid.

Buy Bonus

To instantly activate the Pot feature mentioned above, you can pay 100X your total stake.

Big Symbol

Any time four matching symbols form a square on the grid, they transform into one big version of the symbol. If it’s part of a winning cluster, it applies a 2X multiplier to the payout. If there’s more than one Big Symbol in a winning cluster, their 2X multipliers are multiplied together and then applied to the payout.


With every spin, one of the low icons is selected for the Backlit feature; they glow and if they form winning clusters, they disappear and are replaced by two wilds.


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Our casino is loaded with fun online slots like Potion Spells. To play these games using real money, you’ll need an account here at Bodog Casino. Signing up is easy. Look for the “Join” button to pull up the Registration form, and once that’s complete, and when we’ve authorized the account on our end, you can go ahead and deposit funds. Although we accept many deposit methods, we encourage people to try using cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. We accept six different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum and USD Tether) and each one outperforms the traditional fiat currencies by a long shot.

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Once your account has funds –whether it be through crypto or not—you can launch a session of this dynamic slot game and play for keeps. We hope the witch creates the perfect potion that makes you prosperous for years to come.


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