Luck & Magic Slot Review

Luck & Magic Slot Review

Anyone who has an appreciation for the tabletop card game Magic, which became immensely popular in the late aughts, will enjoy playing the online slot game Luck & Magic. This game has playing cards incorporated into the reel format, so that with every spin, a set of nine cards are flipped over to reveal the round’s outcome. Should you land three matching cards on any of the game’s five paylines, you get paid in real money—something that the Magic card game lacked.


Before diving into a Luck & Magic slot session at Bodog Casino, read our Luck & Magic slot review. This will give you a better understanding of how the game works and the best way to approach it. We’ll wrap things up with a reminder on how to get funds deposited into your Bodog account quickly and easily—and redeem bonus cash while you’re at it.

Gameplay & Design

Instead of traditional slot reels and game icons, Luck & Magic uses playing cards. A set of nine are placed on a medieval-looking wooden table in a busy tavern. The soundtrack includes a crackling fire, soft murmuring between people, and lively fiddle music.

As the cards flip over, you’ll see a cast of memorable characters. The most important one is a powerful white-haired wizard who serves as the game’s bonus icon; he can get you the biggest prize of the game (X999 payout). Three warriors round out the remaining roles; one is a green-haired maven who can issue impressive payouts. Her male counterpart is a fierce-looking warrior with a massive pendant; he’s more than capable of boosting your bankroll.

The last character leans into the fantasy side of the game. His green skin, red eyes and sabre teeth make him look intimidating, but keep in mind, he pays more than all of the other standard game icons.

Beyond the character icons, you’ll find five “Low” icons. These include poker symbols 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace on various-coloured cards. The 10 pays the least, while the others pay four times as much. You’ll see a payout displayed on each card’s upper-left corner, so there’s no need to go back and forth between the game screen and the paytable.

In order for three matching icons to trigger a win, they must line up on one of the game’s five paylines. As you can see in the game settings, there are three horizontal paylines and two diagonal lines. These five paylines, and the three reels and rows, contribute to a simple game despite the unique card game-inspired design. The simplicity doesn’t impact the payouts offered; the Return to Player (RTP) is a generous 96.23%. In the Buy Bonus round, however, it changes to 95.99%.

Key Features

Luck & Magic keeps things simple with its key features. One card is considered the “bonus” card, as we’ll explain next, but that’s the extent of the game’s bonus features.


The Wizard icon is a bonus symbol, and when one lands on each reel, it triggers the game’s bonus round. If you prefer to fast-track your way to the bonus round, you can use the next feature on this list.

Buy Bonus

As is the case with many of the new BGaming slots added to our casino, Luck & Magic is equipped with a Buy Bonus feature. You have the option to pay to play the bonus, but it’s not cheap: it’ll cost you 80X your total bet.

Bonus Round

Land a bonus on each reel to initiate the game’s bonus round, or force-start it by using the “Buy Bonus” feature for 80X your total bet. In the bonus round, five Bonus cards are placed face down on a table and you’re asked to “choose your prize”. A medieval-looking glove hovers above the selection until you pick the card you want.

Each card has a unique multiplier, but you won’t know which is which until you pick one. Your pick is flipped over immediately, and the others follow suit, showing their prizes. The multiplier from your chosen card is applied to your bet and can range from X1 all the way up to X999—the biggest prize in the game.


Casino Crypto Play

All of the slots in our online casino are compatible with six different cryptocurrencies as a deposit option. Using a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, gets you the best experience possible at Bodog Casino. Transaction limits are expanded or in some cases eliminated, costs are nominal (and we don’t charge anything when you use crypto), and your money moves between your Bodog account and your digital wallet faster than what’s possible with the more traditional deposit and withdrawal options.

For lightning speed transactions and rock-bottom fees, you can go with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. The other options on our list include Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Tether. Converting crypto to a fiat currency is simple and can be done through a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase, CoinSmart and Shakepay.

On top of the improved transaction experience, you can also expect bigger and better match bonuses when you deposit with crypto. Everyone who deposits with a cryptocurrency for the first time is eligible for our Crypto Casino Bonus. This 150% match bonus can add up to $900 to your bankroll. Simply select the bonus from the dropdown menu when making your first crypto deposit to claim it.

Regardless of which deposit method you ultimately go with, Luck & Magic is available to play for real money payouts right now. You can test the game with no risk to your bankroll by using ‘Practice Play’ mode, and switch to ‘Real Play’ when you want the real slot gaming experience. Enjoy the rustic feel of the game, and may the luck be with you.



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