Legendary Beasts Online Slot Review

Legendary Beasts Online Slot Review

We added a brand-new slot game to our ever-expanding roster and it’s proving to be a big hit with our players at Bodog Casino, specifically the more seasoned ones who like cool new features. Habanero created this 3-reel slot game that feels unlike anything we’ve played before. The split symbols and Multiplier Reel in Legendary Beasts are truly innovative features that could be paving the way for new games to come.


If you’re wondering what a split symbol is, you’re not alone. This is a new feature that makes it possible for a game icon to self-divide into two or four repeats, which makes it possible to have many more winning combinations than three reels would typically be able to accommodate. For example, if every icon split four times (the max), there would be 1,728 unique ways to win—which is incredible for a 3-reel slot game.

In this Legendary Beasts online slot review, we’re going over all of the ways this game is unique. There are design elements and key features that set it apart from other slot games that have come before. Tune in and learn why Legendary Beasts must make it onto your rotation of slot games at Bodog. This one is a generating a lot of buzz – and for good reason.

Gameplay & Design

As soon as you launch this slot game, you’ll be presented with three reels (plus a fourth “Multiplier Reel) and three rows of Pokémon-inspired icons. The high icons, which consist of the Legendary Beasts themselves: a Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix, are beautifully animated and pay a premium when you land three or more. The low icons are multi-coloured coins that pay modest sums; there are no filler poker symbols in this game.

The “fourth reel” has no game symbols at all; it’s a Multiplier Reel with one purpose: to boost payouts. Your payout can be multiplied by 1X, 2X, 3X, 6X or 9X thanks to this reel. We’ll explain more about the Multiplier Reel in the next section, so stay tuned.

You can configure both the bet level and coin denomination on the main screen to create a bet-per-round amount that’s best suited for your bankroll. As you do this, the paytable adjusts automatically to reflect the payouts offered for your particular stake, making it easy to know what pays what.

The game symbols can all be split in two or four, acting as extra symbols on the reels, and this feature leads to many more winning opportunities. When none of the symbols are split, there are just 27 ways to win, but when every symbol is split to the max, there are 1,728 ways to win. In order to win, matching icons must land on consecutive reels, beginning with the first one and progressing to the right.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find many of the same buttons you’d expect with an online slot game, including an Auto Spin button, a Bet Max button, settings for sound and speed, and game settings, which list the rules. Pull up the game settings, and you’ll see that the most you can win on any single spin is 2,500,000 coins.

Key Features

The most intriguing feature beyond the split icons is the game’s Multiplier Reel. All of the game symbols are on the first three reels, leaving the fourth one to hold nothing but multipliers. Every time you spin the reels, multipliers rotate around the final reel, and the one that lands in the centre is the one used to boost any and all payouts for that round. This could be a 1X, 2X, 3X, 6X or 9X boost, so cross your fingers and hope for the best.

On the first three reels, wild icons spin and substitute for other game icons when there’s an opportunity to create a winning way. If you land one Tiger on the first reel and wilds on the second and third, the wilds become Tigers in order to trigger payouts. The wilds offer their own exclusive payouts too; if they land on all three reels, they trigger a payout that’s bigger than all of the winning combinations offered on the paytable.

Casino Crypto Play

Legendary Beasts is available to both our crypto and non-crypto players. There’s no denying that using a cryptocurrency as a transaction method leads to the best overall experience here. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies we accept lead to faster processing times, guaranteed deposits and cheaper fees overall. We also offer match bonuses to people who are trying out a cryptocurrency for the first time, so if you like collecting bonus cash, you’ll want to consider transitioning to crypto.

The current match bonus on offer is 150% of your deposit that can net up to $900 in bonus cash for our casino. The promotional code is BOCBITCOIN150 and it can be used by everyone once when you deposit with a cryptocurrency. Once the 25X playthrough requirement is fulfilled, the bonus cash can be withdrawn, and when you use a cryptocurrency, that withdrawal can be as quick as 15-30 minutes after we authorize the request.

Slot games like Legendary Beasts are perfect for working through promotional bonus playthroughs. Unlike table games, slots contribute at a rate of 100%, so every dollar spent playing this game offers a direct credit for playthrough, fast-tracking you to unlocking your bonus cash.

Check out Legendary Beasts today with zero risk to your bankroll by launching a session in Practice Play mode. If you like it, you can easily switch to the real thing by clicking the “Real Play” button at the top-right of the screen. Then you can see just how fun the split symbols are and how lucrative the Multiplier Reel can be. Maybe we can expect more games with these features from Habanero in the future.



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