Fortune Dynasty Online Slot Review

Fortune Dynasty Online Slot Review

The newest slot to hit the shelves at Bodog Casino is Fortune Dynasty—a Chinese-themed game with five reels and 15 paylines. After testing this new addition, we realized that it should be featured in a Fortune Dynasty online slot review because it’s an exceptionally well-done game by Spinmatic. We expect it to become one of the top-played slots here in the days to come.


The slot game is based on a fictional storyline where a massive fortune has been passed on through many generations of a family dynasty and is now left unclaimed. The final member of the family passed, and the fortune is locked away in an ancient temple that’s managed by monks. After requesting advice from Caishen, the God of Wealth, the monks have decided that the riches should be dispersed among the temple visitors, so make sure you’re first in line.

In this review, we’ll discuss the game’s design and key features, highlighting what sets it apart from other games in our casino. Then you can see it for yourself by running a free trial through Practice Play mode. If you like the feel of it, switch to Real Play mode so that you can win real money payouts.

Gameplay & Design

The game has a classic 5-reel, 15-payline format, so there’s no need to learn new strategies. A “Bet” button on the game screen makes it quick to access the 22 betting amounts available, making it suitable for bankrolls of all sizes. Alternatively, you can pull up the Bet Settings and manually adjust the coin value and bet level to an amount suitable to you.

A “Max Bet” button sets the stake to the maximum amount possible, so if you like to take big risks for the potential of a big reward—this is the button for you. This is a medium-high volatility slot game with a 95.05% Return to Player (RTP), so it’s designed to dole out bigger payouts less frequently than average—and that leads to more excitement.

To the right of the Max Bet, you’ll see the “Spin” button and beside that, there’s a Speed Spin button to accelerate the pace of gameplay. If you don’t like using the Spin buttons, you can set the game to AutoPlay for up to 1,000 spins, with options to input loss limits and single win limits.


An interesting feature in many Spinmatic slots, including Fortune Dynasty, is the Statistics page tucked in the game settings. The Statistics page records everything that happens in your session, including the number of rounds played, the length of time you’ve been playing, your number of spins per hour, and the three highest wins that were triggered during your session.

Key Features

To increase win frequency, payouts, and fun, Fortune Dynasty has bonus features built in. Wilds, for one, are included on Reels No. 2, 3 and 4 and substitute for other game icons in order to create additional winning lines when possible. Any payouts they help trigger are doubled thanks to their 2X multiplier.

Fortune Dynasty has a unique approach to free spins, making them easier to trigger than the average slot game. All of the game icons, other than the poker symbols, trigger varying numbers of free spins when you land a minimum number of specific symbols. For example, if you land five Rooster symbols, you get five free spins, while four of them trigger two.

While spinning for free, all of the matching lines that trigger payouts also award extra free spins along with the payouts, which are doubled thanks to a 2X multiplier. Even though the poker symbols don’t trigger free spins initially, they do trigger an extra free spin if you’re already spinning for free. You can continue to tally more and more free spins, extending the session that’s in play.

Casino Crypto Play

All of the casino games at Bodog can be played using a cryptocurrency to deposit funds, and that includes Fortune Dynasty. Using a cryptocurrency as a transaction method eliminates the downfalls that come with more traditional deposit methods, like credit cards. With crypto, you can count on your deposit coming through the network without a bank or credit card issuer blocking it, and it will be significantly cheaper than the fees that are tacked on by credit card companies.


When the deposit arrives in your Bodog account, it’s converted automatically to Canadian dollars for two main reasons. First, it’s easier to keep track of your account and how much you’re betting when your bankroll is displayed in Canadian dollars. With Bitcoin reaching values that are in the tens of thousands for a single coin, most people operate in microBitcoin or milliBitcoin.

The second reason we convert cryptocurrency deposits to Canadian dollars is to protect your bankroll from any crypto market fluctuations that may happen while you’re playing. There’s no denying that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile forms of money. If they’re sitting in your Bodog account for a few days, the value could be different when you go to withdraw your funds—and there’s no way to predict if it will be higher or lower.

If you’re considering trying out a cryptocurrency for the first time here, you’re eligible for our first-time Bitcoin deposit bonus. This 150% match bonus can get you up to $900 in bonus cash to be used in the casino. Playing slots like Fortune Dynasty are excellent for working through the rollover attached to bonus cash, as they contribute fully at a rate of 100%.

Regardless of what transaction method you intend to use, Fortune Dynasty is available for play right now, with the option of launching in Practice Play and Real Play modes. See if luck shines your way by visiting the ancient temple for your next spin session and let us know what you think.


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