Big Atlantis Frenzy Online Slot Review

Big Atlantis Frenzy Online Slot Review

Big Atlantis Frenzy—the newest release in our casino—is based on the legendary Lost City of Atlantis. According to Plato’s writings (Timaeus and Critias), Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean where a utopian society thrived, with both half-gods and humans making up the population on the self-sufficient island. Legend has it that the island sank to the bottom of the sea when its inhabitants fell to greed.


In the BGaming slot game Big Atlantis Frenzy, you get to explore the underwater city and all of its treasures when you trigger the game’s exciting free spins session. This game has a customizable format, allowing you to choose the number of rows you want, and is loaded with bonus features that increase the overall number of wins. In our Big Atlantis Frenzy online slot review, we’ll break down the gameplay and design, go over the bonus features, and explain how to get the most out of your deposits in our casino.

Gameplay & Design

Launch a session of Big Atlantis Frenzy, and you’ll be swept over the Atlantic. The reels spin over top of an underwater scene that brings to mind the Lost City of Atlantis. At the surface of the water, a fisherman is perched on top of a small fishing boat under a bright blue sky. Traditional Greek music and seagulls make up the game’s soundtrack.

Big Atlantis Frenzy has a customizable format that lets you adjust the number of rows within the five reels. Using the “Buoy” button with upward and downward arrows, you can choose between three, four and five rows of icons. The number of rows does not impact your total bet, but it does dictate the number of paylines. Using the minimum three rows leads to five paylines, four rows lead to 10 paylines and five rows lead to the maximum 20 paylines.

Game icons include a mix of themed treasures associated with Atlantis and poker symbols J to A. The themed symbols include things like a chalice of gold coins and precious gems, a Gladiator helmet and a jeweled pendant; they pay more than the lower-ranked poker symbols.

Key Features

Fish Symbols

Watch for the special Fish symbols where each fish looks like a unique poker chip. The colours of the Fish Chips vary from purple to red to orange or green, and the colour dictates their bonus.

  • Red Fish has a 20X multiplier
  • Orange Fish has a 15X multiplier
  • Purple Fish has a 10X or 5X multiplier
  • Green Fish has a 3X or 2X multiplier

During the base game, you’ll find these Fish symbols on all five reels; however, during free spins mode, they’re restricted to Reels No. 2, 3, 4, and 5 and pay only when there’s a wild symbol. If there’s more than one Fish on a single payline, they’re added together and the sum is used to determine the multiplier prize.


During free spins, wilds appear on the reels as portraits of the fisherman striking various poses with Atlantis treasures. They can replace any of the standard game icons, not including bonus symbols or Fish symbols.

Bonus Rounds

Watch the reels for the bonus icon (Fishing Boat symbol) because if you land three or more anywhere on the reels, free spins begins. Go deep underwater to the City of Atlantis with the fisherman, who’s in scuba gear, and look out for the angry fish. A big roulette wheel will light up the reels in this dark deep sea setting.


Free spins come with 10 rounds, during which, the wild works in conjunction with the Fish symbols. Over top of the reels, you’ll see blank cards with multipliers; as you land wilds, they fill in the blanks, and for every fourth wild you land, 10 more free spins are added to your tally along with a progressive multiplier that goes from 2X to 3X to 10X.

Buy Bonus

If you’re not interested in reaching the bonus the old fashion way, you can simply hop to the front of the line and pay to play the bonus using the “Buy Bonus” feature. This costs 80X your total bet and is available any time.

Chance x3

To improve your chances of triggering the bonus without buying it outright, you can use the game’s “Chance x3” feature. This increases your total bet by three times and also your odds of landing the three bonus features needed to trigger free spins. It may not be as direct as the Buy Bonus feature, but it does speed up the process.

Casino Crypto Play

Big Atlantis Frenzy is a cryptocurrency-enabled slot game, making it a solid pick among the crypto crowd. Deposit with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Litecoin or USD Tether, and start playing it today. Everything you win is yours to keep and you may choose to withdraw funds the same way you deposited, with a cryptocurrency, or via some other withdrawal method, such as requesting a check be delivered via courier.

Anyone depositing with a cryptocurrency for the first time is eligible for the crypto welcome bonus. Enjoy a one-time boost to your bankroll by claiming the 150% match bonus; you get up to $900 in bonus funds. Then head to the casino and play any of the games there. Just like with our Big Atlantis Frenzy online slot review, they’re all available to crypto players and non-crypto players alike.

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