Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots Review

Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots Review

We recently added a new Hot Drop Jackpots game to our online casino and it’s proving to be a big hit with players. Golden Savanna isn’t your typical slot game; it has six reels and four rows of icons, so every time you spin the reels, there are 4,096 unique ways to win. Beyond that, it’s also a Hot Drop Jackpot slot, so there’s a continual flow of jackpots that fall within the hour, within the day, and within a specific dollar-range.


This Golden Savanna Hot Drop Jackpots review explains all of the game features, the design, the bonuses and—most importantly—how the Hot Drop Jackpots work. Once you understand the mechanics, you can take it for a test run using Practice Play mode. Switching to ‘Real Play’ enables you to stake real money and win real money in return.

Gameplay & Design

We’ll begin the Golden Savanna online slot review with a look at the gameplay and design that we briefly mentioned in the introduction. Upon launch, you’ll notice that there are way more icons spinning than normal. Six reels spin vertically, and there are four rows of game icons that mostly consist of wild animals you would typically see on the savanna. With the extra reel, it’s possible to get six-match wins, which pay out generously. The maximum win per spin is 500,000.

Betting configurations are simple with this game. Select your bet size from 10 options (beginning at $0.40 and ending at $200) and the paytables adjust automatically to show the payouts based on your bet in Canadian dollars. No more trying to convert coins to dollars. As you’ll see on the paytable, the Elephant and Cheetah symbols are the top game icons, while the Antelope and Meerkat symbols come next. The poker symbols 9 to A make up the lower-ranked game icons.

In order for matching icons to be considered a win, they must land on consecutive reels, beginning with the first and moving to the right. The animal icons need just two or more matches to trigger a payout, while the poker symbols require a minimum of three. With a 96% Return to Player (RTP), Golden Savanna is a great game for people who want good value for their entertainment dollar.

Key Features

Golden Savanna has the standard bonus features that are included with most online slots: scatters and wilds. The scatters are the Savanna symbol and they trigger the game’s free spins session when you land three or more anywhere on the reels.

The wilds substitute for all of the game icons, except for the scatter, in order to create winning lines. They become even more helpful in free spins mode, which we’ll discuss in the Bonus Rounds section below.

Hot Drop Jackpots

If you’ve played a Hot Drop Jackpot slot before, then you know how they work here too. Three jackpots are included: the Super, Hourly and Daily. Each jackpot is funded by 3% of bets placed on the game and has a time or monetary limit on it; they can drop any time before reaching their limit. The Hourly jackpot drops quite frequently, lasting no longer than 60 minutes, while the Daily has more time to grow bigger; it can go on for as long as 24 hours. The Super jackpot has a monetary limit of $300,000 that it must not exceed. As you can tell by the name, it gets quite big.


The best part of the Hot Drop Jackpots are the time trackers under them. These count downs tell you how much time is left before the jackpot reaches its limit. As you can imagine, it gets very exciting when you know that a jackpot must drop in the next few minutes.

You’ll know if you’ve won because three Jackpot symbols appear on the reels, triggering the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel. Spin it and see which of the three jackpots you land—that’s the one you get to keep. It’s added to your bankroll immediately.

Bonus Rounds

The only bonus round you’ll encounter in Golden Savanna is the free spins session, which requires three or more scatter symbols to land anywhere on the reels to be activated. Three scatters trigger eight free spins, four trigger 15, five trigger 25 and six trigger 100.

Free spins take place on a special set of reels that contain wilds with multiplier boosters. The multipliers bolster your payout by the number displayed and if two or more are part of the same winning line, they multiply together for a mega payout that can get as high as 3125X.

It’s very possible that your free spins session can be extended, as the feature is retriggered when you land two or more Savanna symbols. Depending on the number of scatters you land, you can get 5, 8, 15, 25 or 100 extra spins added to your tally.

Casino Crypto Play


Golden Savanna is available to all of our players, including our crypto players. The experience between playing as a crypto player and regular player is the exact same. When you deposit with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s converted automatically to Canadian dollars when it appears in your Bodog account, so you’d be staking Canadian dollars instead of microBitcoin—much easier.

If you want to withdraw funds after playing, you can request your withdrawal in crypto, among other options, and then have the withdrawal sent directly to your digital wallet. At that point you can do as you please with it; convert it to a fiat currency or keep it as crypto in your wallet. Cryptocurrency continues to be the fastest and most reliable deposit and withdrawal option for our casino players, so we recommend it to everyone.

Hot by name, hot by nature. Golden Savanna is for those of you who can handle the heat, but if you’re after something a little bit more tranquil, why not try out our Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots review. Hot or cold, we’ve got you covered at Bodog Casino.