EPL Betting Preview

We’re nearly at the halfway point in the English Premier League, and EPL betting at Bodog has never been more electric. 

Man City is cruising for a treble, Chelsea can see the Premier League beacon shining on the horizon, and Manchester United is smooth sailing in the same fleet towards a top-four finish.  

The season itself is stuffed with matches, odds and opportunities, but we’ve got our eyes on the big fish with the Reader’s Digest of previews right here. Let’s take four League favourites and zero in on the quad’s odds. Climb aboard before the goals have shifted and the opportunities float away. 

Manchester City EPL Odds

Their chance to win the EFL Cup might have flown the coop after losing to West Ham, but Man City haven’t lost their position as favourites to raise the trophies for both the Premier League and the Champions League. 

The buzz surrounding Man City’s chances of landing an historic treble is gaining volume, and Bodog hears the clarion call loud and clear. In their upcoming match against Leeds United on December 14th at Etihad Stadium, we’ve pegged them as -2.5 favourites against the spread, and a steep -625 odds on the regular moneyline. 

For a draw no bet, you’re looking at -2500 for City. If you suspect the entire match will go over 3.5 points combined, your payout is -105, and -115 if you opt into the under bet. No need to pull your calculators out to grasp those sort of numbers.

On December 19th in their game against Newcastle United, City are -2.0 point favourites and -385 on the regular moneyline, and -1300 for a draw no bet.

Liverpool EPL Odds

Liverpool may have ended their stunning two-goals-per-game streak, but they’re still going strong. With Jurgen Klopp out front, they’re looking to clinch eight straight wins across all competitions. Aston Villa gave it up to the Reds in their last match where Liverpool won 1-0, but Leicester City saw it through and defeated Liverpool 4-0. 

On December 16th, Liverpool will welcome Newcastle United to Anfield. Liverpool are the favourites of the match at -2.5 on the spread. For a win on the moneyline, bettors will cash out with -800 odds, and -3300 for a draw no bet.   

Farther down the line, on December 19th, we can expect Liverpool to bring the big guns when they face Tottenham in a highly contested match. Liverpool are clocking in as slight favourites against the Spurs, with -0.5 points to cover against the spread. The moneyline is -150, and -120 odds are set for the match ending at under 3.0 points. The over 3.0 bet will pay out at even odds. 

Chelsea EPL Odds

Chelsea have reigned victorious in five of their last six matches, and they’re a mere two points shy of Man City’s current standing – which is in front row and centre. The Blues’ defense have conceded more goals than usual this season, but that hasn’t prevented them from being the team with the second-fewest goals conceded, right behind Newcastle. 

The Blues could see a spot in the top of the Premier League standings if they were to win against Everton and Man City, and if Liverpool showed up dragging on matchday 17. On matchday 15, Chelsea lost to West Ham 3-2, but they themselves won with a 3-2 score against Leeds United in a rebound win at home. 

On December 16th, Chelsea is up against Everton as the slight -1.5 favourites against the spread. On the moneyline, the Blues have rather expensive odds at -420, for a draw no bet on the line, you’re odds are -1700. Would you look at the zeros on that.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will face Chelsea on December 19th, and Bodog favours the Blues at -1.0, and at -180 on the line.  

Manchester United EPL Odds

Man United is sitting pretty to finish in the final four, but for now, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-cum-Michael Carrick’s side is fully focussed on the upcoming match against Brighton. 

The game is expected to be a corker, with many bettors still reeling from their last showdown when Brighton hit the woodwork four times… but Man Utd still came out of the thriller with five goals on top. 

For the re-match on December 18th at Old Trafford, bookies have high expectations all round. Man Utd are very slight favourites with a -1.0 point deficit, awarding odds of -112 for takers of the spread. 

On the regular moneyline, punters who back Manchester United do so with -180 odds, but those increase to -450 for a draw no bet.  

Over/under odds are favouring the under at 3 points and -122 odds, and +102 for the combined score surpassing 3. 

Got all that in hand? Great, because the the EPL isn’t slowing down any time soon, and the clock waits for no-one. The odds are up, you’ve done your homework, and you’re fit to jump in on the action in pursuit of your own victory.