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After two very uncertain years on the court, with thanks to the pandemic, the NBA is finally embracing some semblance of normalcy. With players and coaches emerging from the storm’s aftermath, buoyed by vaccines and dogged determination, the regular, 82-game season is ready to start on October 19th. That means we’re already deciding which star players are set to shine brightest.

Kyrie Irving won’t be gracing the courts with the Nets, but they’ve still got a leading shot at the title – unless, that is, the Lakers and the “Big 3” harness Russell Westbrook’s energy and pace to motor their way to the top.   

Luka Doncic is entering his prime, and is sure to be the focal point for the Mavericks and the MVP title, but Joel Embiid is pushing the ranks from within the 76ers and looking to put his own name in MVP lights.  

With player favourites, including the MVP award, published and raring to go, Bodog’s NBA sportsbook is more than ready for your wagers. Get your NBA bet slips in good and early for the best odds with the highest payouts. 

NBA Championship 2022 Betting Favourites

Brooklyn Nets: +260

The Nets are putting their foot down as the Kyrie Irving drama unfolds, but it’ll take more than the loss of one long-range shooter to bring down the 2021 runners-up. The roster still boasts all-star point guards, James Harden and Patty Mills, plus the lethal duo of forwards Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. As long as everyone concerned can stay on their feet in Brooklyn, Bodog NBA betting odds are +260 the Nets can redeem their names and hoist up the trophy. 

Los Angeles Lakers: +500

The “Big 3” are at it again, with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and newly-added Russell Westbrook making up the trio. Westbrook may have to improve his 3-point game, but there’s a great chance his aggressive energy is what’s needed on the court, especially considering they’ve got a roster of 12 players clocking in at age 32 or older. Bodog odds of +500 say that one of the oldest teams in franchise history can live up to their reputation and shove the Nets out of the way at the top.   

Milwaukee Bucks: +750

They managed it last year, but winning the title two years in a row is not easy. Coach Mike Budenholzer and crew are, by their own admissions, satisfied as-is, which may prove to be their downfall. We’re not ready to write them off just yet, since their winning roster from last year remains largely unchanged – including Antetokounmpo, whose incredible stats don’t lie. +750 says the Bucks can overcome the “c’est la vie” attitude and take home the trophy one more time, with feeling. 

Golden State Warriors: +1000

Steve Carr’s rotation will show three veterans and three rookies, all of whom were added during the off-season. Two-time MVP Stephen Curry had the highest point average in last year’s season, but the real question is whether or not five-time all-star guard Klay Thompson can play at his best after being off-court with various injuries since 2019. Only the season will tell whether or not the Warriors can perform without Thompson’s long-range technique if we don’t see him on the court, and Bodog says +1000 they can. 

Phoenix Suns: +1300

The Suns finished off last season with the league’s second-best record, but that’s largely due to other teams being short of key players due to injuries. As the team makes an effort to preserve 36-year old Chris Paul, we may see Deandre Ayton stepping up to protect the rim and continue improving his shot-blocking and rebounding totals, making the +1300 Suns a team not to overlook for the championship.   


Luka Doncic +450

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic leads the race for MVP at +450 odds. Having finished in 4th and 6th in the past two years, Doncic is also entering his career prime at 23 years of age. NBA fans are looking forward to Doncic boosting up the standings of the Mavericks, and as early as it is, he’s a sweeping MVP favourite across the board. 

Stephen Curry +450

We can’t blame Stephen Curry for falling short of a third MVP award, since it was his Golden State Warriors as a whole who failed to reach the playoffs that held him back. Having said that, Curry averaged 32 points per game last season which was the best of his career, plus the Warriors are primed to back him up with a strengthened roster and longer offseason. The Bodog sportsbook is at +450 for Curry to take home the trophy.

Giannis Antetokounmpo +550

Due to no fault of his own, the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo missed his third MVP award in 2021, but the Bodog sportsbook hasn’t forgotten the 28.6 points, 11.6 rebounds, 6.4 assists, and the 55.9% shooting percentage that, even against the stats that led to Antetokounmpo’s two prior MVPs, look mighty good on paper. Odds are +550 Giannis can be the fourth ever to get an MVP three-peat.

Kevin Durant +650

Kevin Durant left the Brooklyn Nets one offensive player short on the 2019-20 roster due to injuries, and he played just 32 games of 2020-21. That doesn’t hide his impressive postseason stats though, including an average of 34.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game. All of which proves that injuries aren’t enough to hold back this power forward. Bodog odds are +650 that Durant is recognised for his all-star performance, and not for his injuries or number of games played because of them. 

Joel Embiid +900

Joel Embiid is using the 76ers lacklustre performance as fuel to improve his own game for 2021-22. Consequently, he’s very likely to exceed expectations and have MVP voters eating out of his hand. Embiid was already runner-up last year, and +900 Bodog odds say that he can exceed his second-place status in this season to finally sweep up that MVP award he’s been waiting for.

The Bodog NBA odds move with each current event; every tweaked variable informs the live sportsbook odds. Add in Bodog’s unsurpassed reputation for trusted, above-board practices that put service first, and you’ve got yourself the best NBA sportsbook in Canada and beyond. So check in regularly with complete confidence that you’re getting the latest NBA updates, including the NBA futures odds, on your mobile or PC. It’s time to decide: which players will be formally celebrated this year, and who’s going to fall just shy of the honour?