NFL Betting Power Rankings

Here’s the beauty of betting ATS: while your favoured team isn’t exactly sweeping up opponents on the field outright, they may still be killing it when it comes to the spread. Win, lose or draw, spread betting is the smart ticket to spreading your winning chances. Get up to speed with the best-placed teams to cover the points in NFL betting with the very latest in Week 12 Bodog power rankings,  

NFL Betting Power Rankings – December

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay is at 9-2-0 as the top team against the spread this season. They’ve covered an enviable 81.8% of their games with a 3.0 point margin of victory and an average of +0.7 points. 

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has made up for 2020’s 5-11 record with a second-to-best place, well-earned in 2021 with an 8-2 tally. The ‘Boys MOV is 7.9 with an average of +6.2 points covered.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have surged past last season’s 43.8% ATS, and they’re looking sunny-side up with 72.7% of games covered, putting them at 8-3-0.

Indianapolis Colts

Indy is looking at 7-4-0 with a 5.8 point MOV and an average of +5.5 points covered, which is up nicely from 2020’s +1.2 points.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee has managed to cover 63.6% of their games at an average of +3.0 points and a MOV of 3.4, edging out their 2.6 MOV last season. 

New England Patriots

With a 7-4-0 record, the Patriots have covered 63.3% of their games this time around, with a 11.2 MOV and an average of +8.8 points.

Detroit Lions

Last season the Lions finished out in 20th place ATS, but as of Week 11 they’ve managed to reclaim the pride by clawing their way to the 7th seat, with a record of 6-4-0 and an average of -2.9 points covered. 

Minnesota Vikings

Considering last year’s performance ATS was minimal at 37.5%, the Vikings are no doubt seizing their moment with the increase to a clean 60% of games covered so far. 

Buffalo Bills

While the Bills held up at ATS last season, they’re on track to fall short in 2021 at 55.6% of games won in their 5-4-1 record, at an average of +3.0 points.

NY Giants

The Giants are pretty much where they ended in 2020 with just over half of their games covered. This season has NY with a -4.1 point margin of defeat.

Philadelphia Eagles

For the 2021 season, Philly has made a huge improvement with 5 out of 11 games covered. 

Houston Texans

Houston is currently in 12th position of performances ATS, having 50% of games covered at an average of -0.8 points.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have covered 5 games out of 10, although 2021’s MOV for New Orleans is only 3.3 to last year’s 8.2.   

LA Chargers

The Chargers have covered exactly half of their games at 50% which is just shy of their 56.2% record closing out 2020. They’ve got a -0.5 MOV to last year’s -2.6. 

Seattle Seahawks

With a 5-5 record, the ‘Hawks are just barely covering half of their games. Seattle is at a -1.5 margin of defeat and an average of -1.6 points covered.

Denver Broncos

Denver is looking at 5 for 5 ATS with a 1.7 point MOV and -0.3 points covered on average, in contrast to last year’s -2.0. 

Miami Dolphins

How the dolphins have dived; 2020’s top team ATS find themselves in spot number 17 in the current season, with a record of 5-5-1 and a -6.2 margin of defeat.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati is right at the halfway mark with a 5-5 record ATS, an average of +4.2 points covered and a 5.2 point MOV. 

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are looking at a -0.6 point margin of defeat and an average of -3.5 points covered within their 5-5 record. 

Carolina Panthers

Last week the Panthers were bang-on 50%, but have since moved in the wrong direction with 45.5% of games won against the spread, hanging on with a 0.5 point MOV at an average of +0.8 points covered.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens led the spread in 2020 in position three, but flew the coop in 2021, which isn’t looking nearly as good down there in position number 21 and a 4-6-0 record. 

Chicago Bears

The Bears stand at 4-6-0 this season, covering an average of -3.0 points. Carrying a 2020 MOV of 0.6 to benchmark against, the new season has moved them farther from the honeypot with a 7.7 margin of defeat.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is nearing the bottom of the barrel with a 4-6 record so far against the spread, making that just 40% of games covered.   

Jacksonville Jaguars

Also in that territory, the Jacksonville Jags are rubbing elbows with last year’s performance ATS, covering 40% ATS so far vs. 43.8% in 2020. 

Las Vegas Raiders

On top of a -3.9 point margin of defeat, the Raiders have covered only 4 out of their 10 games, placing them alongside The Steelers and the Jags at that lacklustre 40% mark. 

LA Rams

The Rams are averaging -2.6 points covered ATS and a 4.4 point MOV, and they’ve managed to join the club by covering 4 games and passing on 6. 

Atlanta Falcons

With a clipped -11.0 margin of defeat in 2021, the Falcons have only covered 4 games ATS at an average of -8.2 points.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have dipped below their numerical namesake since their 43.8% coverage in 2020, with a 2.4 margin of defeat in their 4-6-0 record. 

Kansas City Chiefs

KC are looking at an unchiefly 4-7-0 record ATS, with a 2.8 point MOV and an average of -2.5 points covered. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are the walking wounded ATS in 2021, covering a meek average of -0.8 points in stark contrast against the vigour of last year’s +5.2 points. 

Washington Football Team

WA ranked number six for teams ATS not so long ago, but in 2021 they’re second-to-last – only covering an average of -2.2 points in their current 3-7-0 record.

NY Jets

With only 20% of their games covered, the Jets are at a -15.0 MOD and the worst performing team ATS as of Week 11.

As the clock counts down to Thanksgiving’s Week 12 spread betting, there’s no better time to lock in your ATS bets, and watch as your team rises up to the occasion in just the way you’d hoped.