How to Bet on NHL Odds in 2021 Season

How to Bet on NHL Odds in 2021 Season

If you’re interested in NHL betting, then welcome home. This is officially your domain.

With the entire NHL season starting super early this year, you get the pleasure of fist-pumping NHL betting thrills sooner than you thought.

Whether you’re a fresh face on the scene or a seasoned NHL betting connoisseur, you can always take a few moments to brush up on the craft. At Bodog, we’ve got all the NHL betting you need, as well as all the tips to show you how to bet on NHL now.

Let’s take it from the top!

How NHL Moneyline Betting Works

When it comes to the question of how to bet on NHL, the moneyline is about as straightforward as it gets. In fact, chances are you’ve already done it once or twice.

Betting on the moneyline means you bet on which team will win the game, straight up. In order for you to win your bet, they must win outright.

For this type of NHL betting, you’ll have to pay attention to the NHL odds since these tell you how much you’ll get paid. If the team you’re betting on is the favourite, you’ll see a negative number in front of their name. The underdogs are indicated by a positive number. It looks something like this:

Chicago Blackhawks: +200
Tampa Bay Lightning: -240

If you bet on Tampa Bay, you’d win $100 for a $240 bet, assuming they win. If you bet on Chicago and they win, you’d profit $200 for $100 bet.

All in all, the moneyline is perfect for those who are rooting on a particular team and feel confident with their chances to win.

How Puckline Betting Works

How Puckline Betting Works

This type of NHL betting is similar to the Point Spread. What you’re doing is betting on the margin of points your team will either win or lose by.

In the case of hockey, the number of goals tends to remain small, with the most common scores being 3-2 or 4-2. For this reason, the NHL odds in NHL betting on the puckline are fixed at -1.5 and +1.5.

That means that the team who has -1.5 next to their name (the favourites) must win by 2 goals for you to win your bet. The team with +1.5 in front of their name (the underdogs) must lose by one goal or win the game outright. This is called “cover the puckline”, and it means you’ve won your bet. Well done, you.

Betting on the puckline is an excellent idea when you’re into an underdog team but you’re still not so sure they can win.

How NHL Totals Betting Works

Another way to take advantage of killer NHL odds is with totals. If you want to know how to bet on the NHL, this really is key info.

In the case of Totals NHL betting, you’ll be predicting whether the total combined score of both teams will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction. Then, as with all other types of NHL betting, you’re paid based on the odds. Let’s see an example of that, shall we?

Montreal Canadiens: O 6.0 (-115)
Toronto Maple Leafs: U 6.0 (-105)

In this case, the sportsbook believes the final combined score will be 6. If you think the final score combined between both teams will be more than 6, then you’ll bet over. If you think the total combined score will be 5 or fewer, then you bet under.

Based on the NHL odds presented here, you would profit $115 if you bet $100 on over, and you were correct. You would profit $105 for a $100 bet if you opted for under and you were correct.

How NHL Live Betting Works

NHL live betting is how you bet on the NHL if you want to be in the action. You can bet on the puckline, moneyline, and total while the game is in full swing. Just as your opinion on the likely outcome changes throughout the live action, the sportsbook is also changing the odds faster than you can say “what the puck was that?”

Something like a player getting injured, for example, would shift the live NHL odds for that team mid-game because it affects their chances of winning.

Everything else remains the same regarding how the different bets work, and you get paid based on the final NHL odds when the match is complete.

NHL betting live will keep you on your toes, that’s for sure!

Tips and Tricks for NHL Betting in 2021

Tips and Tricks for NHL Betting in 2021

There’s no better way to dominate the NHL betting scene than to do your diligence in research. If one thing is for certain, it’s that the sportsbook is considering all of the following factors in their NHL odds, so you should, too!

Check the Teams’ history

You’ll want to be super familiar with any factors that could contribute to a team’s success. Things like coaching, injuries, or even a team’s “drama” in the press could have an effect on how they perform.

Review the Stats

Along with reviewing the history is reviewing a given team’s past statistics. Things like goaltending, possession, and shot totals will go a long way in telling you what they’re capable of. How have they done so far in the season? Have there been any upsets along the way?

Check Travel Schedules

When it comes to knowing how to bet on NHL, this is an often forgotten detail. Think about it: hockey is a super physical sport. If the players are moving around, changing rinks and sleeping on buses, it’s going to take a toll on their bodies, and thus their performance.

Focus on the Goaltender

It can never be underestimated how important a goalie is in any hockey game. They could single-handedly be the difference between a massive win or an epic fail. Take the time to research the goalie for the team you’re considering backing.

And with that, you now know how to bet on the NHL. The next step is becoming great at it. Try trusting your brain over your gut, and vice versa. And by all means, don’t forget to do your research, follow these tips for extra guidance, and have yourself a blast. We’ll be here when you’re done, ready to coach you through the next game.