Reels of Fortune Game Review

Join Bodog as we review the ever-popular slot game Reels of Fortune. Look out for the Wild multiplier, the bonus round, and of course Bodog’s new hot drop jackpots. Feast on this treat of a slot today.

Come on down, folks, to take your chance on the Reels of Fortune, otherwise known as the newest game at Bodog Casino.

Reels of Fortune is a nod to the slots of yesteryear with a familiar set of reels and those classic online slots symbols based on the timeless Reels and Wheels slot. This version of the game, however, offers something extra meaty to dig your claws into.


There are three Hot Drop Jackpots at stake, which means you will see a jackpot drop once every hour, every day, or by the time it reaches a pre-set dollar amount. If you’ve ever known thrills before, you’ve likely never known thrills quite like this.

The casino floor is waiting for your arrival, and the reels are already spinning closer to the next winner. Before you take your shot, take a minute to read up on the rules, then prepare to be awe-struck by the Reels of Fortune triple-jackpot drop-fest.

Reels of Fortune Gameplay & Design

Reels of Fortune is modelled after the original Reels and Wheels game, and both are developed by the aptly named Woohoo Games.

The newest addition to the Bodog lineup features a classic theme with 3 reels, 3 rows, and 1 payline right across the middle, all adorned in gold and purple and closely resembling an old-school slot machine.

The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $100 which offers a healthy betting range for both the low stakes player and the high baller. Of course, like any slot, the higher your bet is the greater your chance of winning, and that includes the max win of 500x your total bet from within the base game.

With an RTP of 93%, Reels of Fortune has a lower RTP than most slots. That is, however, balanced by the increased odds of winning one of the Hot Drop Jackpots. If you haven’t heard of these yet, then prepare to be awed.

Reels of Fortune Welcomes Hot Drop Jackpot

Hot Drop Jackpots are the newest obsession at Bodog, and Reels of Fortune is the newest game to join the Hot Drop menu.

So what are Hot Drop Jackpots, exactly?

Have you heard about Bodog’s hot drop jackpots? Find out how you could maximise your wins today.

These are progressive jackpots that are programmed to trigger at certain times. There are three types:

  • Hourly Hot Drop: triggers once within 60 minutes
  • Daily Hot Drop: triggers once within 24 hours
  • Super Hot Drop: triggers before it reaches a given dollar amount

Mega popular money-makers like A Night With Cleo, Golden Buffalo, and 777 Deluxe all feature Hot Drop Jackpots. The game looks largely the same, but now there’s a new jackpot symbol which can lead to landing one of the Hot Drops.

In the case of Reels of Fortune, you need to land three special jackpot symbols across the payline. That will launch a special jackpot wheel which you get to spin for one of the three Hot Drop Jackpots.


If you’re new to the whole concept of Hot Drop Jackpots, be sure to check out our Hot Drop Jackpot guide which tells you everything you need to know.

But how about the rest of the game?

Reels of Fortune Feature: Wild Multiplier

You’ll spend most of your time in this game dreaming about the Hot Drop Jackpots, but while you’re building up anticipation for the big moment, there’s another feature in the base game that will keep you busy as well, plus a mighty nice bonus round that we’ll go over next.

The blaring blue diamond serves as your Wild. If you form a winning combination with just one of them, your wins are multiplied by 2x. If you form a winning combination with two Wilds, your pay is quintupled – that’s 5x, to toggle the memory.

Reels of Fortune Bonus Round: the Bonus Wheel

Even without the thrilling Hot Drop Jackpots, the Bonus Wheel alone makes the entire game worth it. To launch it, you’ll need to land the Bonus symbol on the one and only payline. That’s it – and that’s exactly why sometimes the simple games are the best.

Then, the Bonus Wheel shows up with 24 different multipliers from 5x to 500x, and you’ll get to give it a spin and see which of them is yours. We’ll be chanting you all the way to the top: five hun-dred! Five hun-ded!

Titles Similar to Reels of Fortune

Reels of Fortune isn’t the only game at Bodog that fires up the excitement for big jackpots. Check out these other games to extend the thrills even farther.

Reels & Wheels

This is the game Reels of Fortune is based on. In the O-G version, Reels & Wheels is vibrant with colour on a retro machine. The Bonus Wheel with multipliers is still there, and you need only one Bonus symbol on the single payline to launch it. Sound familiar? But now instead of a wheel of Hot Drop Jackpots, you can trigger a Jackpot Wheel from the correct wedge on the Bonus Wheel. That wheel has five progressive jackpots, although, unlike Hot Drops, you won’t know when they will drop.

777 Deluxe

Since we’re talking about simple and classic designs with hella big rewards, we’re going to give a shout out to the timeless 777 Deluxe. As the regular version of the game, a mystery symbol keeps you on your toes, and you get the option for seven progressive jackpots in the bonus round which is triggered by landing three bonus symbols.

In the Hot Drop Jackpot version, you get the chance to win one of our three trusty Hot Drop Jackpots which dangle like a cherry over your every spin.  and it’s available with Hot Drop Jackpots now as well.

One game, three progressive jackpots, and a winner every hour. If you’re ready to be a part of the neverending jackpot show in Reels of Fortune, then step onto the casino floor, and prepare to be dazzled. These jackpots are already dropping as we speak at Bodog, and the next one is waiting for you to jump inside and claim in.