Hot Drop Jackpots | Everything You Need To Know

Hot Drop Jackpots are finally here, and Bodog has the lowdown.

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’ve already heard about the fantastic new initiative that has just landed at Bodog – Hot Drop Jackpots!

Sure, you may be aware of them, but what are Hot Drop Jackpots? Fear not, Bodog are on hand to explain all – you’re going to love it.

What Are Hot Drop Jackpots?

So you’ve been swept up in the excitement of Hot Drop Jackpots, and now you want to know what all the fuss is about. Believe us, it is extremely warranted, as they are about to revolutionise the way we all enjoy online casino action.


New to Bodog Casino, Hot Drop Jackpots offer our players the opportunity to win mega prizes not just every day, but every hour. The best part? They have to be won! There is even a jackpot that must be won before reaching a certain amount, increasing the tension as the clock ticks by. But we’ll move onto the different types of Hot Drop Jackpots in a moment. For now, let’s continue digging into the overall premise of these new hugely exciting new additions to Bodog Casino.

Available to play on desktop, mobile and tablet, Bodog players can try their luck with our Hot Drop Jackpots with bitcoin betting. Crypto is a safe and secure way of enjoying our dozens of titles on offer at Bodog Casino, with more and more bettors choosing to deposit this way.

Hot Drop Jackpots: How Do They Work?

The beauty of Hot Drop Jackpots is that the work is already done for you. You simply enjoy your casino fun on any of three specific games (continue reading to find out which titles) and you’ll be in with a shot of winning big. That’s one of the main selling points of Hot Drop Jackpots – not only are the winnings more frequent, they are often for larger amounts than players would usually be in with a chance of landing. It really is win win!


To the left of the recognisable reels, you’ll see live updates informing you of how long a jackpot has until it could possibly drop. Whether that is due to a time limit being close to dropping, or the maximum possible amount, depends on the jackpot in question – but more of that shortly.

Hot Drop Jackpots can land on the hour or daily.

The temperature really starts to rise the closer the jackpots get to dropping, with the animations showing red hot flames as we get close to somebody winning. It really is as fun as it sounds, with serious money up for grabs every hour.

Are There Different Types Of Hot Drop Jackpots?

We’re so glad you asked, as indeed there are. There are two different types of Hot Drop Jackpots available, with three overall categories. Confused? Don’t be, we’ll explain in detail right now. There are two time-based jackpots that must drop before a certain time is reached, and one amount driven jackpot that must be won before reaching a certain amount. The tension as that amount continues to get closer is almost too much for us to bear – but that is what makes Hot Drop Jackpots so enthralling.

Now, let’s actually take a look at the exact functionality behind each jackpot.

Time-Based Jackpots

Experienced casino players will know how time-driven jackpots work. It’s pretty straightforward, as the jackpot must drop before a certain amount of time passes by. How far into that timeframe the amount is won is anybody’s guess, so the tension really does begin to build as the timer ticks down to the last few seconds, particularly with the flame animations becoming more and more prominent. Of course, on the flip side, the jackpot can be won in the opening few seconds or minutes – but that isn’t quite as fun.

Hourly Jackpots

As mentioned earlier, the beauty of Hot Drop Jackpots is that they can be huge amounts, and also drop regularly – every hour in fact. The hourly jackpot lands before the 60 minutes are done, giving players extra motivation to keep spinning if the amount hasn’t been won.

Daily Jackpots

The daily jackpots work in the exact same way as the hourly, only they have to drop before a 24 hour period. Sure, the wait can be longer, but the jackpot amount can be much more lucrative, given that it has more time to build.

Amount-Based Jackpots

Amount-based jackpots are slightly different in that they aren’t restricted to a time. In this instance, the jackpot must land before a certain amount is reached. It’s a new slant, but can prove to be extremely exciting if you are still spinning as the amount draws ever closer.

Super Jackpot

The amount-driven jackpot available to play with Hot Drop Jackpots is the Super Jackpot. Dropping before a certain amount is reached, the value continues to grow as the game plays out. Super by name and super by nature, the jackpot will then be locked once won and opened again to build from the start.

Did we mention that all the jackpots can be active at the same time? Well they can! All three, two or just one jackpot can be active. Our advice? Play when all three jackpots are active, that gives you the best chance of winning.

Which Games Host Hot Drop Jackpots?

Another great question, give yourself a pat on the back. Currently, three titles are compatible with Hot Drop Jackpots – and they are three of the most popular titles at Bodog Casino. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the three games in question.

Golden Buffalo is one of three titles available to play Hot Drop Jackpots at Bodog Casino.

Golden Buffalo

Hot Drop Jackpots are all about searching for that gold, and you’ll do well to find a better place to start on that path than with a game of Golden Buffalo. With six reels and 4,096 ways to win, we’ve no doubt you’ll be stampeding around your house if you win big on Hot Drop Jackpots.

777 Deluxe

Bodog Casino prides itself on its variety of whacky and wonderful online slots, but sometimes the classics are just the tonic. In this instance, 777 Deluxe mixes the best of both worlds with a modern twist on a classic fruit machine. Perhaps the lack of distractions will be a good thing for you as you keep a close eye on those jackpot amounts.

A Night With Cleo

Not only was Cleopatra one of the most seductive female figures in ancient history, she now has Hot Drop Jackpots to boast of to make her even more enticing. Can you land beautiful wins to match her? Here’s hoping in A Night With Cleo.

While the above three titles are the only games currently available to play Hot Drop Jackpots, more will soon follow – so keep your eyes peeled here at Bodog Casino.

Hot Drop Jackpots Tips

As mentioned earlier, your best chance of winning big when playing Hot Drop Jackpots is by playing one of the three aforementioned titles when all three jackpots are active. That way, you’re in with a chance of landing the daily jackpot, hourly jackpot and the super jackpot – winner, winner chicken dinner.

The wins can be big when playing Hot Drop Jackpots.

If you are lucky enough to stumble across a jackpot that is close to its limit, whether that be a time limit or amount limit, you’ll want to deposit and get spinning. The closer it is to the limit, the more chance you have of winning, and winning big.

Hot Drop Jackpots: Bitcoin Betting

As we mentioned earlier, crypto is becoming increasingly popular with casino lovers, and for good reason. Depositing with crypto is safe and secure, and extremely easy. Of course, it isn’t just Bitcoin available to deposit with. You can play with Ethereum, USD Tether and Litecoin. New to crypto betting? Not a problem, our bitcoin betting section explains all you need to know and more.


While you might be keen to keep your Hot Drop Jackpots experience quiet in order to keep the action all to yourself, casino betting is always more fun with others involved.

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