Alien Betting: A Bodog Extra-Terrestrial Special

Alien Betting: A Bodog Extra-Terrestrial Special

If you believe in the Law of Truly Large Numbers, there must be alien life out there somewhere. There are nearly two trillion galaxies in the observable universe alone, and something like six quintillion stars with planets orbiting around them. Chances are at least one of those planets has extra-terrestrials living on it – and Bodog has listed an alien betting market for you to put your money where your mouth is.


It might even be this planet. When it comes to potential destinations for alien life, Earth is the best that we know of. Our own Milky Way galaxy contains up to 400 billion exoplanets at last count, so they wouldn’t have to travel very far to get here.

That would certainly explain Mark Zuckerberg. Because of his appearance and mannerisms, the billionaire co-founder of Facebook has been the butt of alien-based humour for quite some time. You can even bet on Zuckerberg being unmasked as an ET. Odds are available right now at Bodog Sportsbook, as part of the alien betting section on our Entertainment menu – here’s a quick preview of what we have in store.

First to Leave Earth on a Spacecraft with Extra-Terrestrial Beings

Zuckerberg’s name is also near the top of the odds list for our first bet. As far as we know, there has yet to be a case where a human, animal, or any other lifeform was taken off this planet by aliens. But there has to be a first time, and given their unquenchable thirst for private space exploration, it’s the world’s leading “tech bros” who take up most of the top spots on Bodog’s entertainment betting board.

Elon Musk (+5000)

Like Zuckerberg, Elon Musk’s look and demeanour have drawn multiple comparisons to alien life. Musk is alone at the top of this list because of his company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX for short. Its continuing mission: to reduce transportation costs, and to colonize Mars. H simply had to feature in our alien betting market.

Tom Cruise (+10000)

Arguably still one of Hollywood’s leading actors, Cruise must be keenly interested in interstellar travel given his Scientology ties, and a 2020 report had him linked to a film that would be shot in outer space – with the help of both SpaceX and NASA.

Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos (+12500)

Bill Gates often gets lumped in with Jeff Bezos when it comes to the space race; along with Musk, they’ve all been the World’s Richest Person in recent years. However, while Bezos has his own Blue Origin space program, Gates appears less interested in slipping the surly bonds of Earth. Donald Trump’s presence on this list requires no explanation.

Mark Zuckerberg (+15000)

Zuckerberg is one of eight people tied at +15000 on our alien betting list, along with Vladimir Putin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but the Meta CEO is the easiest target of the bunch – even if he doesn’t have his own space company yet.

To Be Revealed as an Extra-Terrestrial Lifeform Before 2025

Our second Alien Life special isn’t a horse race like the first; any of our contenders has until 2025 to reveal their true form, and while Zuckerberg is at the top of the list, he isn’t alone.

Mark Zuckerberg (+15000)

Maybe it’s his pale skin, or how rarely he blinks. Maybe it’s how little he’s aged over the years. Or maybe it’s his general outlook. Whatever the case, would anyone be truly surprised to see Zuckerberg revealed as an alien?

Kanye West (+15000)

West has been marching to the beat of his own drum for decades, and has seemingly taken a downturn ever since his split with Kim Kardashian. But a career that started with critically acclaimed work as a producer, then as a rapper, has taken a bizarre right turn. Nobody knows what to make of him anymore; maybe he’ll get beamed back to his home planet like Poochie from The Simpsons.

To Play a Main Role in Ryan Coogler’s The X-Files

What’s harder to get done these days: finding extra-terrestrial life, or filming a big-budget television series? Ryan Coogler is about to find out. After breaking all sorts of records as the director for the 2018 Marvel film Black Panther, Coogler will reportedly helm a “remount” of the 1993-2002 sci-fi series The X-Files, which dealt heavily in the existence of alien life – and government cover-ups.

So who will land the juiciest roles for this project? In theory, this will be part of Coogler’s deal with Walt Disney Television, so we might see some familiar faces from that universe; all we know at press time is that the cast will likely be diverse, with the following actors at the top of Bodog’s entertainment odds:

Michael B. Jordan (+500)

Jordan has been Coogler’s go-to guy for a while now. He had the major role of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and starred as Adonis Creed in all three chapters of Coogler’s Creed trilogy. Before that, Jordan was the lead in the 2013 film Fruitvale Station, also written and directed by Coogler.

Letitia Wright (+800)

You might know Wright from her Emmy-award work in Black Mirror, but she first caught the world’s eye with the role of Shuri in Black Panther. That led to much bigger things for Wright, including the lead role in the 2022 sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She would be an obvious Scully to Jordan’s Mulder.

Daniel Kaluuya, John Boyega, Tessa Thompson (+1200)

This Alien bet is on who will take up the first two acting credits in the first episode (must screen before 2026), so there might not be much room left on the bill for anyone beyond our top two favourites. But we’ll give special consideration to Thompson, a Shakespearean-trained actor who also appeared in the Creed trilogy. That’s if she even has time for this project; Thompson plays the role of Valkyrie in the Marvel universe, and there will be another Thor movie coming down the pipe before long. Choose your favourite contenders right now at Bodog Sportsbook, and may the best actors win.



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