Who Will be Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend?

Who Will be Kim Kardashian's Next Boyfriend?

Ever since Kim Kardashian and SNL comedian Pete Davidson parted ways last year, people have been asking the same question – “who will be Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend?” She is used to having high-profile romantic relationships; before Davidson, she was married to rapper Kanye West for six years.


After Kardashian and Davidson broke up last August, she took some time for herself, declaring to her sister and friend Scott Disick in an episode of The Kardashians that she was not ready to jump into anything serious at that point. But in the newest season of her show, she has hinted to a potential new love interest who has been nicknamed “Fred.” While this would be the very early stages of what could turn into a romantic relationship, there are a few things we know already.

Kim Kardashian’s Friends Introduced her to “Fred”

In a promo video for The Kardashians, Kardashian – who features on our OnlyFans betting article reveals to Disick over dinner that her friends wanted her to meet someone and took it upon themselves to arrange the two getting together. When asked if this mystery man “meets the standards,” she responds with “Oh, so meets the standards.” The scene is followed by a clip where she’s smiling while texting on her phone as her makeup is being done; when asked if she was texting “Fred,” she says yes.

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Fred and Kim Kardashian have visited one of her and Davidson’s Favourite Restaurants

When Kardashian and Davidson dated, they often went to a New York City restaurant with a private room in the basement where they could get away from the public eye. In the newest episode of her show, Kardashian revealed that she took her new love interest there; however, the name of the restaurant was censored. This coincides with her saying that she flew out to New York City to meet the mysterious man.

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Tom Brady +500

7X Super Bowl champion Tom Brady retired from the NFL (for the second time) in February 2023, four months after he and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gisele Bundchen ended their 13-year marriage. He has since been seen with Russian model Irina Shayk, whom he met at Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick’s $13 million June wedding that took place on an Italian Island. The two were since spotted together in LA and seen in a romantic caress when Brady picked her up at the Hotel Bel-Air. That being said, the romance is new and Brady kept his 46th birthday celebration exclusive to his kids this month.

Brady and Kardashian were seen chatting together at billionaire Michael Rubin’s all-white Fourth of July party this summer, but whether or not there was any real interest between them is all speculation. We do know that the two are acquainted and newly single.

Pete Davidson +800

It’s perfectly possible that Kardashian and Davidson will rekindle their romance. They were together for nine months and the reason for the breakup is not entirely certain, as different sources point to different factors. Kardashian did say that Pete is the polar opposite of her ex-husband, West, which she needed at that time, but also said she wasn’t quite ready to settle down so soon. A different source, meanwhile, pointed to the long-distance relationship making it hard for things to progress. Davidson was filming for a new movie (Wizards!) in Australia at the time of their breakup.

Kardashian and Davidson met in October 2021 when she hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live that featured the two playing the main characters of Aladdin. Their sketch ended with a kiss. Pete since got a tattoo that says “Jasmine to my Aladdin” to commemorate it.

Kanye West +1500

Another possible scenario would be for Kardashian to get back together with her ex-husband, the father to her four children. When Kardashian was romantically involved with Davidson, West uploaded a photo of him and his ex-wife kissing on his Instagram account for his near 10-million followers.

Throughout much of West’s public downfall, Kardashian remained supportive for the sake of her children, but last October when he began posting antisemitic rhetoric online, she publicly condemned him in support of the Jewish community. However, in an episode of The Kardashians, a teary-eyed Kim reveals to her sister that she felt guilty about it and wanted to reach out to him.

Michael B Jordan +1500

Tied with West at +1500, the actor Michael B. Jordan is a possible contender. He, Kardashian and Adele were spotted at the Crypto.com Arena watching a Warriors-Lakers game in May; however, the two were not sitting beside each other.

Jordan is known for keeping his romantic life discreet as he has pointed to how challenging it is to date under public eye. We do know that he was in a year-and-a-half long relationship with Lori Harvey (daughter of television host Steve Harvey) as they confirmed their relationship on Instagram. They broke up in June 2022.

Drake +2000

West made public claims that his wife was having an affair with Drake throughout their marriage. This may have more to do with the feud between West and Drake that began in 2010 than anything else. West has speculated that many of Drake’s lyrics refer to Kardashian, and fans have taken the bait and found possible connections.

Kim denied having a relationship with Drake and pointed to West as the culprit behind the rumours. Despite that, Drake seems to take pleasure in teasing the idea; in his single Search & Rescue, he uses a clip from the Season 20 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Kim and Kris speak candidly about her divorce from West.



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