Forty Fruity Million Game Review

Forty Fruit Million Game Review

Among the suite of new releases by BGaming at Bodog Casino is a real gem: Forty Fruity Million, the Summer Edition. This 5-reel, 4-row, 100-payline slot game is just what you need to ring in the summer season, as it’s loaded with sweetness and perfect for anyone who’d appreciate a fruit-filled world dripping with honey. In addition to satisfying your sweet tooth with the fruity animations and tasteful background, Forty Fruity Million is loaded with payouts if you happen to line up sufficient matching icons on any of the 100 paylines. And there are several key bonus features that increase the odds of that happening.


This Forty Fruity Million game review bridges the gap between a traditional slot machine and a modern video one. It has all of the classic iconic slot symbols from the past, including Fruit (think lemons, cherries and oranges), Lucky Horseshoes and Bells—which is a nod to the original Liberty Bell slot. In addition to playing with icons that you’re likely already familiar with, you get the modern conveniences of a 5-reel slot. Expanding wilds, scatters galore, and a risky Gamble feature are among them.

After reading about the gameplay, design and features of Forty Fruity Million, you can launch a session and decide for yourself if this game satisfies your cravings for nature’s desserts. Play free of charge using Practice Play mode and switch to Real Play when you want to stake real money for real payouts. First, however, join us as we cover the game specs in this Forty Fruity Million game review.

Gameplay & Design

Forty Fruity Million is the base game, but the design can be altered with seven “skins” that complement seasonal changes. There’s a Christmas edition, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Summer, Oktoberfest and Halloween. Right now, the default skin is the “Summer edition” and it will stay that way until Oktoberfest season comes in early fall. In order to see all of the versions available, you can select the “Chameleon” button at the top of the reels and browse the game cards. Feel free to change the skin to a different one if you’d like.

The Summer edition has a sweet theme connected with nature. The reels are set over a shimmering honeycomb background, and are wedged between sunflowers, a beehive and a pitcher filled to the brim with golden honey.

On the reels, you’ll see the standard game icons, most of which are based on the classic slot machine symbols. Watermelons, Lemons, Plums, Cherries, Horseshoes, Oranges, Grapes and Beehives all spin around. Lining up three or more (two or more in the case of the Beehives) on any of the game’s 100 paylines, going left to right, will trigger the payouts displayed on the paytable.

The maximum win in the game is X3000, which is awarded if you land five Beehives on a payline. That’s a big jump from the second-highest paying icon on the paytable, the Horseshoe, which awards a X500 prize for lining up five matches on a payline.


This slot game’s 100 paylines are supported by a fourth row of icons. Most 5-reel slots have just three rows, but with a fourth, there’s greater capacity for winning ways. And just because there are extra paylines doesn’t mean there’s extra cost. The bet-per-spin ranges from $0.20 to $15 and there are many options in between. You can expect some excellent returns from this game, as it boasts a very generous 97.23% Return to Player (RTP), making it appealing to players who are in search of good value in their slots.

Volatility levels in slots dictate the frequency and size of payouts awarded throughout the game. A game with low volatility distributes small prizes frequently, while a game with high volatility distributes big prizes infrequently. Forty Fruity Million is medium-high on the volatility scale, making it well balanced and suitable for the majority of slot players.

Key Features

Forty Fruity Million may look simple at first glance, but there are enough bonus features included to keep even the most seasoned slot players interested, beginning with two different scatter symbols.


Scatters are a prized feature in online slot games, and Forty Fruity Million comes with two of them. The first one is the Diamond; land three or more anywhere on the reels and you will be awarded with an instant win that ranges from X3 to X100. The second scatter is the Bell, which appears only on the first, third and fifth reels. This awards an instant win of X20 your total bet when it lands on all three reels, so it’s tougher to trigger, but has a more generous reward when it happens.

Expanding Wild

The Queen is the most important bee in a bee colony, and in this game, she’s the wild symbol. That means she’ll take the form of other symbols in order to create more winning lines for you; however, she’s restricted to the second, third and fourth reels only. As a bonus, she can move up and down to cover the entire reel when needed; that extra reach leads to extra payouts.

Stacked Symbols

Symbols can appear independently or in stacked clusters that can cover an entire reel. When you get multiple reels stacked with the same symbol, you’re guaranteed to snag a big payout.

Gamble Round

Whenever you trigger a payout playing Forty Fruity Million, you can choose to risk it for a chance to either double it, or even quadruple it. You’ll need to select the “Gamble” button beside the “Spin” icon to initiate this feature. Similar to many BGaming slots, the Gamble feature in Forty Fruity Million is a simple card game where you have to guess the colour, or the colour and suit, of a randomly-drawn card from a standard deck.

This guessing game will align with two different types of player in terms of risk tolerance. For low risk players, you can simply guess red or black for a 50/50 shot of guessing right; that’ll double your payout. Alternatively, for high risk players, you can guess the right combination of suit and colour: diamond red, heart red, diamond black, or club black. Guess right and you will quadruple your payout. Guess wrong, however, and you return to the base game without your initial payout. The history of each round is recorded and displayed in the upper-left corner of the Gamble screen.

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With the bonus redeemed, be sure to check out the Forty Fruity Million slot. This game easy to play and offers more ways to win than the average 5-reel slot, thanks to the extra row of icons. Keep in mind that the Queen Bee is the most significant of those icons. See if you can get her to expand and cover an entire reel; you’re guaranteed a sweet reward if she does.



We hope you’ve enjoyed grabbing one of your five a day with our Forty Fruity Million game review. Now that you’re full of nutrition and ready for some exercise, why not try out our Pride Fight online slot review? It really packs a punch! Sign up to Bodog today using our crypto welcome offer and we’ll see you over at the slots.