Pride Fight Online Slot Review

Pride Fight Online Slot Review

Finally, a UFC-based casino game has hit the shelves at Bodog Casino. Pride Fight takes you into the Octagon where you get to fight for glory and potentially payouts too. Choose your fighter and watch him step into the Octagon to face an automatically selected opponent. Once both men are ready, you get to pick where to strike your opponent first; there are three targets: knee, midsection and head. Choose carefully because if you win the round, you get paid. Then you get to choose between grabbing the cash or opting to fight again for an even bigger payout.


This highly interactive game is unlike any other in our casino. It feels like a video game, but offers real money payouts when you win rounds. All of the decision making is made up front, including selecting your fighter’s background, skin tone, and the initial target on your opponent. After making your selections, sit back and watch the action play out in the Octagon. Hopefully you picked a winner and get to cash in with a victory.

In this Pride Fight online slot review, we’re going over all of the game details that make this a must-play casino game at Bodog. From the game features to the design, we’ll cover it all and then direct you to a free trial through Practice Play mode. See if you enjoy it with zero cost to you then switch to Real Play for the real thing.

Gameplay & Design

Pride Fight is set in an Octagon with crowds of cheering fans just beyond the mesh walls. When creating your fighter, you get to pick between 93 nationalities and also choose one of five unique fighters based on the selected nationality. There’s everything from Canada to Netherlands, Brazil and beyond, so you can really create the UFC star you want. Betting starts at $1 per round and goes up from there.

Three targets appear on the opponent, including head shot, midsection, and knee. You’ll get to choose where to strike first in hopes of getting an edge right at the start. When ready, initiate the fight and watch the two men go toe-to-toe in the Octagon. They show no mercy to each other in this brutal sport.

The outcomes in each round are random. A Random Number Generator is used, just like with online slots, so there’s no way to influence the results. For a luck-based game, Pride Fight has a respectable Return to Player percentage that ranges between 95.96% and 96.25%. As is the case with all casino games, the longer you play the game, the more accurate the RTP becomes.

Key Features

Just like the championship fights in the UFC, Pride Fight matchups are made up of five rounds; however, you can stop the fight after any round. Every time you win one, you unlock a multiplier and have the option to continue on for another round to increase the multiplier, or call it quits and claim your cash. You can do this up to five times every fight. The multiplier prizes are as follows:

Round 1: 2.11X

Round 2: 4.65X

Round 3: 10.22X

Round 4: 22.48X

Round 5: 49.5X

As you can see, the multipliers increase by more than double every time you proceed to another round, making it a desirable option for the risk-tolerant players who like action. Anyone who likes to keep risk to a minimum can opt for just one-round fights.

At the start of a fight, an “Arrow” button initiates the action. Three target circles appear on your opponent’s key weak spots, allowing you to choose where to strike. Alternatively, you can use the “Punch” button to strike at random. The opponent’s nationality will appear over his side of the Octagon, but that’s all of the information you’ll have to go on.

When you’re ready, watch the two fighters throw down. Your fighter could win, lose or draw. If he loses, you lose your bet, while a win gets you a multiplier. If the fight ends in a draw, you get half of the multiplier and can opt to continue on to the next round; however, all of the subsequent rounds will offer half the standard multiplier as prizes should you win.

After each win, you can choose to either grab the payout, which is a multiplier displayed at the top of the screen, or choose to fight another round. With every win, the Win Metre will be updated to show which multiplier you’ve reached.

Casino Crypto Play

Crypto players can rejoice; Pride Fight is available to everyone who deposits with one of our six accepted cryptocurrencies. Using crypto as your deposit method ensures a quick and easy transaction with no possibility of being blocked by a financial institution. Once the deposit comes through the network, your balance is converted to Canadian dollars instantly. Converting the funds protects your balance from any possible market swings affecting the value of the currency while you play. Betting is also easier with Canadian dollars, as trying to figure out how many millibitcoin you want to stake can lead to errors.

If you’re planning to make a cryptocurrency deposit for the first time, you’re eligible for our Bitcoin match bonus of 150%. This can get you up to $900 in bonus cash, and claiming it upon deposit is straightforward.

Both desktop and mobile are compatible with Pride Fight, so you can play anywhere you want. Desktop will make it possible to see a few extra details than what’s possible with mobile, but the convenience of being able to play on the go makes the mobile version popular with our players. Try on whichever platform you like best, using Practice Play. And once you get a few rounds under your belt, switch over to Real Play for a real betting experience—brought to you by Bodog.



This Pride Fight online slot review is for the hard hitting Bodog Casino players, but if you’re after something a little more chilled out, our Lazy Bones Freeway online slot or Oasis Dreams Hot Drop Jackpots slot might be more to your taste. On the topic of Hot Drop Jackpots, there’s cash prize available within the next hour as well as a super jackpots for mega money. What are you waiting for? Get on over there and sign up to Bodog today for some online slots fun.