FIFA World Cup Crypto Betting

FIFA World Cup Crypto Betting

With the FIFA World Cup starting this weekend, many people are locking down bets in our sportsbook. It’s a historic time for Canadian soccer fans, as Team Canada has qualified for World Cup for the second time ever, the first being in 1986. People will be looking to gamelines, futures and props to fill out their virtual bet slips and customize their World Cup betting experience ahead of the major event. It all begins on November 20 with a game between Ecuador and the hosts, Qatar. Ahead of the action getting underway, allow us to explain why World Cup crypto betting is the way forward.


Sharp bettors know that the online betting experience begins before you reach the bet slip; it begins when you deposit money into your Bodog account. We offer four different deposit methods, and each has its own merits. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on the benefits of using a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin.

FIFA World Cup Crypto Betting: How to Bet on Soccer

All of our FIFA World Cup bets are open to crypto players. At the moment, we accept six different cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • USD Tether

If you own any of these digital currencies, you can deposit them to your Bodog account and reap the rewards of going crypto. As soon as the crypto makes it to your account, which can be as quick as 15 minutes when there’s no network congestion, it’s converted automatically to CAD. Converting the deposit protects your account from market fluctuations and makes it easier to figure out how much you’re staking on each bet.

Depositing with Crypto

Depositing with crypto is simple once the right programs are downloaded onto your phone. You’ll need a digital wallet to store your crypto and an account set up at a regulated exchange to buy and sell. You can accomplish both in one step by downloading a crypto app like Coinbase. The wallet can be set up instantly, but the exchange account will need to verify your identity before your account is authorized.

Once you have the necessary programs in place, you can begin to buy cryptocurrencies at the exchange, using a fiat currency. From there you can direct the crypto to your digital wallet—at which point, you’re ready to make your first crypto deposit at Bodog.


After logging in to your Bodog account (or signing up for one if you haven’t yet), you can select the Profile icon to bring up the Deposit and Withdraw options. Once you select Deposit, our deposit options will appear, including the various cryptocurrencies. Select the same currency that you have in your digital wallet and retrieve the digital address code that appears on screen.

You’ll need to copy and paste that address code into your wallet when you go to send coins, which is a straightforward process. Simply select the “Send” button and fill in the information requested, including the amount of crypto you want to send and the address code for the receiving account.

Playing with Crypto

Once a transaction request enters the blockchain network, it doesn’t take long for it to show up in your Bodog account. On our end, we convert the deposit to CAD to make it easier for you to play and to ensure that your bankroll is not impacted by market swings. Crypto is simply the vehicle for moving money in and out of your account.

Withdrawing with Crypto

If you’ve enjoyed a win during your FIFA World Cup crypto betting, congratulations! When it’s time to withdraw your bankroll, cryptocurrency is the speediest and most flexible option. You’ll need to select the type of cryptocurrency that you want and input your wallet’s address code, which you can retrieve by selecting the Receive/Request button in your wallet. Once we receive the request, it takes roughly one or two days for us to authorize it. Then we send out the funds in the manner requested.

Once authorized, it takes between 15 minutes and 24 hours for your withdrawal to reach your digital wallet, depending on the cryptocurrency selected; Bitcoin takes the longest, while Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are the fastest.

The most prudent way to operate with crypto is to convert the funds into a fiat and withdraw it from the exchange. Leaving crypto in your digital wallet or exchange account for prolonged periods of time can lead to your money either increasing or decreasing in value—and you can never tell which way it’s going to go.

Benefits of Crypto Betting

Cryptocurrency is the most flexible of all our transaction methods because it’s a decentralized currency. With no middle man involved, transactions are fast and cheap, and there’s no possibility of transactions being blocked.

Additionally, crypto players get exclusive access to special crypto promotions and bonuses. Right now we have a bonus code available for anyone depositing with a cryptocurrency for the first time. It’s our way of saying welcome to the crypto side of sports betting.

Which Crypto Should I Choose?

With six different cryptocurrencies accepted here, it can be daunting to try to figure out which one to use. We’ll start by saying that all of them are better than using a credit card, but there are some nuances from one to another. For instance, Bitcoin (BTC) is the crypto that started it all and has the biggest market cap, with nearly 20 million in circulation. As a result, Bitcoin takes the longest to process transactions and often commands slightly higher transaction and transfer fees at wallets and exchanges. Note: we don’t charge any fees on our side for using a cryptocurrency.

The other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, USD Tether) take up to an hour to process withdrawals, with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV providing the fastest turnaround times. USD Tether is a good option for people who want to use crypto risk-free, since every coin is backed by a stable coin. For more information on selecting the best cryptocurrency for you, check out our Cryptocurrency Comparison Table.

Lastly, be sure to read our World Cup odds preview ahead of the tournament getting underway. Who will be crowned kings of the world?