Why Choose Crypto Betting for Super Bowl

Why choose crypto betting for Super Bowl

With the big game just a matter of days away now, the Super Bowl betting market is buzzing. If you’re keen to take part, you’ll need to set up a Bodog account and deposit funds. While we accept all kinds of deposit methods in our sportsbook, including credit card and Interac e-Transfer, cryptocurrency is by far the best way to bet on the action at State Farm Stadium on February 12. Allow us to explain why crypto betting is your best bet for the Super Bowl.


To get you ready for it, we’re highlighting all of the reasons to choose cryptocurrency for your next deposit at Bodog Sportsbook. We’ve been encouraging people to try using Bitcoin for close to seven years now, and it’s just been getting better and better ever since. In that time, we’ve expanded our crypto options and added several more beyond Bitcoin, including Ethereum and Litecoin. We’ll go over why crypto betting is best for the Super Bowl and also outline which currencies are better for what purpose. By the end, you should feel comfortable joining the movement of digital currencies.

Claim Crypto-Specific Bonuses

The main reason people choose crypto betting is to access the crypto promotions advertised here at Bodog. It’s no secret—cryptocurrency leads to bigger and better bonuses than the more conventional deposit methods. The first one to check out is the 100% Bitcoin Sports Bonus (code: CRYPTO100). This match bonus is good for up to $300, so if you deposit $300 in crypto, your bankroll will jump to $600 with the bonus code. This is more than enough cash to beef up your Super Bowl bankroll. Every Bodog player is eligible to use the Bitcoin Sports Bonus once, so make it count.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds Faster

Moving money in and out of your Bodog account can be done fastest and most reliably with a cryptocurrency. Unlike with credit card deposits, crypto deposits aren’t at risk of being blocked by the financial institution that issued it, and that leads to a smoother deposit experience for everyone.


As for withdrawals, there’s no wonder why people want to receive them as fast as possible. When you hit that big payout, you want to celebrate immediately. When you request a withdrawal with a cryptocurrency, you will receive it in your digital wallet the same day we issue it. To convert the crypto to Canadian dollars, you simply forward the funds to your exchange account, where you can convert them to any currency you want.

Choose the Best Cryptocurrency for You

At press time, we accept six cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals in our sportsbook and casino. Choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and USD Tether; each has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re looking at deposit and withdrawal speeds, it’s tough to beat Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, all of which can see a transaction move through the network in under an hour. It’s no coincidence that these are also the currencies that have the lowest fees (keep in mind, we don’t charge any fees from our sportsbook when you use a cryptocurrency).

USD Tether is a good option for anyone who wants the additional security that comes with an asset-backed currency. For every USD Tether purchased on the network, there is a dollar held in the reserve, making it more appealing to the risk-adverse crypto players.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

Moneyline vs Spread

The Super Bowl betting lines are now live, including the moneyline odds and the spread. These bets ask you to pick the winner in different ways. The spread requires the favourite to win by a certain number of points, while the moneyline uses a payout system, paying bigger bucks on the underdog and less money on the favourite.

During last year’s Super Bowl that featured the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, the Rams were 3.5-point favourites (-110) on the spread and -180 on the moneyline. Therefore, a $110 bet on the Rams using the spread would have paid $100 if they won by at least four points, while betting $180 on the moneyline would have yielded a modest $100 payout. Meanwhile, the underdog Bengals were +155 on the moneyline. In the end, the Rams won by just 3 points, so the moneyline was the right pick for the Rams, while the spread paid out for the Bengals.

Timing Your Bets

As bets come in, odds fluctuate to even out the action between both sides, and wise bettors can use that to their advantage. The teams with the bigger betting markets (i.e. Cowboys) usually see their odds tighten as time goes on and everyone puts down their money. These teams usually offer the best value at the opening. The opposite is usually true for the team with the smaller betting market, as odds usually loosen as you approach kick-off.

Parlay for Bigger Returns

The idea of winning $100 on a $110 bet may not excite some of the more seasoned bettors, so for added punch, we recommend turning your bets into a parlay. With a parlay, you get exponentially higher returns because you’re combining up to 12 legs in a single bet. To win, you must win every leg of your parlay. A simple way to do this is by picking a team to win on the moneyline or spread, and then adding the total (over/under) as a parlay.

Philadelphia Eagles     +2.5 (EVEN)

Over                            45.5 (-110)

If you were to make this selection as single bets and risk $25 for each bet, you’d win $47.73 if both came through (plus get back your stake). However, if you hit “Multiples” on your bet slip and put that $50 down on a parlay, you’d win $140.91 in addition to getting back your stake. That’s a massive boost for just the minimum two-leg parlay. Consider it for the next time you’re keen to hit a big win.