Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL Today?

Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL Today?

Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and Jalen Hurts are four of the brightest young talents at the quarterback position currently playing in the NFL. They all bring something unique to the table, and their playstyle is nothing short of legendary.

With all four having the potential to be remarkable contributors to their respective team’s success in the league and Bodog’s NFL betting, we try to answer who is the best quarterback in the NFL today?


Passing Skills

A quarterback’s passing skills form the foundation of the team’s entire offense. We need to take accuracy and arm strength into account with bonus points on the ability to make difficult throws.

Patrick Mahomes: 9/10

There’s a reason why he’s ranked #1 in the standings.

Mahomes is well-known for his incredible arm talent. He has an exceptional ability to make accurate throws on the run and from various, often tricky, angles. His deep-ball accuracy and his ability to fit passes into tight windows both make him one of the best quarterbacks of our time.

Joe Burrow: 8/10

Burrow’s touch and precision as a passer are both nearly unparalleled. He constantly demonstrates poise in the pocket while having the ability to make quick decisions—Delivering accurate passes, especially in the short-to-intermediate range.

He has become the #2 QB in NFL and can potentially propel the Bengals to a Super Bowl win this time.

Josh Allen: 8/10

Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL Today?

Without a doubt, Allen possesses one of the strongest arms in the league right now. He’s a very skilled QB and highly capable of making throws to all areas of the field. The best qualities of his passing game are his ability to make tight-window throws and launch deep passes with apparent ease.

Jalen Hurts: 7/10

Jalen Hurts has surprised fans and shown great potential as both a passer and a runner. This is what makes him truly exceptional and an asset to the Eagles.

Though it’s clear that there’s room for improvement, especially the fact that he needs to develop his passing skills further, that doesn’t stop him from making big plays with his arms and extending plays with his mobility.

Mobility & Running Ability

Modern football is driven by the agility of the QBs, and this area is key in determining who is the best quarterback in the NFL today. It allows them to evade pass rushers and extend plays, creating additional time in the pocket to find open receivers.

Patrick Mahomes: 8/10

Mahomes is one of the best players in the league currently in terms of overall mobility and agility. He’s very mobile and can make plays with his legs when the situation demands. Though he’s primarily known for his passing ability, he has to be considered seriously as a runner as well.

Joe Burrow: 6/10

Burrow is a different story altogether. He might not be known for his running ability, but he can use his impressive mobility to extend plays and avoid pressure in the pocket. In the right situation and with the right help (like his timing with Chase), he can easily become the game-changer for the team.

Josh Allen: 9/10

Allen is widely regarded as a dual-threat QB. He has great athleticism overall, which helps him out even in the most intense of matches. A dangerous runner, Allen is capable of easily escaping pressure and making plays with his legs.

Jalen Hurts: 8/10

Hurts has excellent running ability and is a threat to pick up significant yardage on the ground. Furthermore, he can also be used during running plays and readoption plays, making his one of the most versatile QBs right now.

Football IQ & Decision-Making

Never underestimate the importance of thinking on the feet for a QB. Though all four are smart on the field, some are more seasoned in this department than others.

Patrick Mahomes: 9/10

Mahomes is rightfully praised for his football intelligence. He can read defenses well to make quick decisions when on the field. The way he handles pressure is a crash course in playing at QB.

Most prominently, Mahomes can avoid turnovers, and he rarely forces passes, which makes him rank so high in terms of general football intelligence and applied decision-making even in high-stakes situations.

Joe Burrow: 8/10

Much like Mahomes, Burrow can also make some good pre-snap adjustments and read defenses quite well. He might not be quite as high as Mahomes on the barometer, but he can be generally considered to be above average in terms of football IQ and his ability to process information quickly.

Josh Allen: 8/10

If there’s one thing we can call an utter transformation, then it’s the improvement in Allen’s decision-making ability since his early days in the league. He hasn’t only become more patient in the pocket but has demonstrated a marked reduction in interceptions over time.

Jalen Hurts: 7/10

As one of the QBs with lesser experience, Hurts is still developing in this aspect of the game. As a starting QB, he’ll need to push himself to continue refining his decision-making to compete with the best in the space.

Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL Today?

We’ll be keeping a close watch on Hurts, and once we begin to see some improvements, mainly in consistency, we know he’s ready to go toe-to-toe in the football IQ and decision-making department.

The 2023 playoffs might be too soon to judge him, however.

Final Thoughts

We put Mahomes as the #1 QB in the league and Burrow as the close second. The other two aren’t quite at the same level, but their game has improved significantly, so there’s a chance that they might give us some surprising results by the season’s end!

Whereas Mahomes is a natural leader on and off the field, Burrow is known for his highly competitive spirit, and whereas Allen is a vocal leader who has earned the respect of his teammates with his never-give-up attitude, Hurts mainly uses his energy and passion to rally the troops.



So just who is the best quarterback in the NFL today in your book? Let us know on Twitter, we’d love to hear your thoughts.