Super Bowl Props Betting Explained

Super Bowl props betting

There are hundreds of different ways to bet on the Super Bowl, but prop bets might be the most entertaining of them all. Super Bowl props betting has grown in leaps and bounds since they were first introduced at Super Bowl XX in 1986, when fans flocked to the window to bet on William “The Refrigerator” Perry scoring a touchdown for the Chicago Bears – which he did, paying out as high as 20/1 when the odds first hit the board.

So what makes Super Bowl props so entertaining? Not only can you bet on the Big Game itself, you can also bet on all the things happening off the field, from the opening National Anthem and Coin Toss to which colour sports drink gets dumped over the winning head coach at the end.


You don’t even have to be a football fan to enjoy Super Bowl props betting at Bodog Sportsbook. Many people watch the show for other reasons, like the Super Bowl ads and the Halftime Show; it’s hard to imagine a Super Bowl party these days without everyone breaking out their props checklist to keep track of how their bets are doing.

If you’re looking for the most entertaining Super Bowl LVII props for this year’s game, which is coming up on Sunday, February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, here are five props that definitely belong on everyone’s checklist.

The National Anthem

One of the most famous Super Bowl betting props of them all will be decided before the Big Game even starts. Every NFL game kicks off with a performance of The Star-Spangled Banner; on Super Bowl Sunday, you can bet on whether the performing act will take Over or Under the given length of time to complete the anthem.


This year’s anthem will be sung by Chris Stapleton – the third year in a row someone from the Country & Western genre will step up to the microphone. As a general rule, “belters” take longer than “crooners” to complete The Star-Spangled Banner, and Stapleton definitely falls within the latter category. The total for this year’s National Anthem prop is currently at 2 minutes and 2 seconds, with the Over priced at –135.

The Coin Toss

Just before they kick off at Super Bowl LVII, the officials (and honorary Coin Toss captains) will flip to decide which team receives the ball first, and from which end of the stadium. All you have to do is pick Heads or Tails, with each side of the coin priced at –105.

The Coin Toss is one of those “pure chance” wagers, but also one with a strange history: Each of the past eight teams who won the toss went on to lose the Super Bowl. Otherwise, Tails is currently ahead 29-27 – and the Los Angeles Rams called Tails last year at Super Bowl LVI before going on to beat the Cincinnati Bengals.

Quarterback Props

Once the Super Bowl kicks off, the focus will shift to the football field – for the most part. This is where your NFL betting skills will come in handy; betting on Super Bowl player props isn’t all that different from betting on the Big Game itself, and with so many casual fans getting involved, you can often get pretty good odds for your wagers.

This is especially true when you bet on Quarterback Props at Bodog. The quarterback is by far the most important player on the field – and the most famous. Millions of dollars will be wagered this year on whether Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes or Philadelphia QB Jalen Hurts will throw for Over or Under a certain number of passing yards, receptions and touchdowns.

Halftime Show

We’ve come a long way since Up with People. The Super Bowl Halftime Show has become so popular that the world’s top acts are willing to pay a hefty fee just for the opportunity to perform. This year, it will be Rihanna doing the honours; you can bet on the colour of her first outfit (Black is the +175 favourite), the colour of her hair (Brown/Black is way ahead at –600), and what her first song will be (“Don’t Stop the Music” leads at +300).

Because the Halftime Show is such a big deal now, there’s plenty more to bet on where that came from. Will Rihanna suffer the dreaded “wardrobe malfunction” (+500)? Will A$AP Rocky (+300) or Jay-Z (+300) appear on stage? Will Rihanna announce that she’s pregnant (+800), or propose marriage to A$AP Rocky (+2500)? And most importantly, will she open an umbrella (+275) during the Halftime Show? All of these props and more are available right now on the NFL odds board at Bodog Sportsbook.

The “Gatorade” Prop

Technically, any type of sports beverage will do for this prop – even water. But it was the Gatorade Shower that went viral when they first did it to New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells on October 28, 1984, and that’s still how most people refer to this extremely popular bet.

There are six colours to choose from in the Super Bowl betting 2023, ranging from Lime/Green/Yellow (+125) to Red (+700). When Andy Reid led Kansas City to victory three years ago at Super Bowl LIV, Orange was the colour of choice; that will pay out at +250 if it happens again this year, but the Eagles did choose Yellow when they won Super Bowl LII, albeit with a different head coach in Doug Pederson. Whichever colour you bet on, remember to stay hydrated during the Big Game, and keep checking in with us at Bodog Sportsbook for fresh odds and analysis as we continue down the road to Glendale.

So, with our Super Bowl pros betting explained, which bets are you going to place ahead of the big game?