Super Bowl LVII: The Betting Favourites

That’s a wrap for yet another season! Super Bowl LVI is over and the champions have been declared. After a tense season that gave us a lot of surprises, the Rams eventually came out on top in Sunday’s game.

It was a Super Bowl that has certainly given us plenty to talk about in days and weeks to come as we pick over how Matthew Stafford found Cooper Kupp for the go-ahead, clinching their win against the Cinderella Cincinnati Bengals.

But here at Bodog, we like to get a jump on the clock while the world lingers in the moment, fixing our eyes firmly on next season and asking, which teams could we expect to reach for the Vince Lombardi trophy at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium in 2023?

Super Bowl betting for the 2023 game is now officially live, and we’ve got futures odds for all the teams in contention. For when, you know, you’ve fully savoured this moment of glory for the LA Rams.

Kansas City Chiefs: +700

The Kansas City Chiefs are an early favourite for Super Bowl LVII betting and with good reason. Their 2021 campaign was derailed in overtime by the Cincinnati Bengals who surprised everyone by mounting a history-making post-season charge.

That doesn’t fundamentally change what the Chiefs have at their disposal. They are a team with a solid roster all round, having topped their division for the last six seasons, won the AFC championship twice, and secured a Super Bowl win.

With experience and resources like that at their disposal you can’t count the Chiefs out, but they could improve their chances by bolstering their defensive line given that they managed a mere 31 sacks in 2021.

Buffalo Bills: +700

The Buffalo Bills are another early favourite for next year’s Super Bowl for many of the same reasons as the Chiefs.

They’re an offensively strong team, and had been set to make a run for the Super Bowl in 2022, until they were ejected from the playoffs by the Chiefs in the Divisional round. In early February, the team announced Matthew Smiley would be its new special teams coordinator. He’s already met with success at the Bills, so he could be a key contributor to their Super Bowl challenge next year.

LA Rams: +900

The LA Rams were favourites for Super Bowl LVI from way before the season began right up to the start of the big game, and rightfully so.

In the regular season, the Rams went 12-5, dominating their opponents on the road and performing well at home too. They managed to carry that over into the postseason, demolishing the Cardinals in the Wild Card round before knocking out the Buccaneers and the 49ers on the road to the Super Bowl. Much of what made this season great for the Rams will still be in place for next season, so we could see them hoisting the trophy next year yet again.

Cincinnati Bengals: +1000

Pretty much no one thought we’d see the Cincinnati Bengals challenging for the Super Bowl, so the fact that they managed to make it all the way to the big game for the first time in more than 30 years caught everyone off guard.

Without a doubt, the Bengals had a lot of luck on their side this season, but luck alone does not (almost) win you the biggest prize in football. They had a team that lived up to its jungle cat name, pouncing on the opportunity to mount a playoff challenge when it presented itself. They did, however, manage it only by the skin of their teeth, highlighting the room for improvement in both their offence and defence.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +2200

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became champions at Super Bowl LV, despite not making a playoff appearance for over a decade before it. That made them strong contenders again for the 2021 season, and with a league-topping 13-4 record it looked like a real possibility that we’d be seeing them doing it again.

That wasn’t meant to be though as the Rams had other ideas, scoring 14 points in the final quarter of their Divisional Round game to send the Buccaneers out of the tournament.

Much of this upswing in performance has been down to the arrival of a certain Tom Brady, the NFL’s star quarterback. But with the news that he will be retiring, the Buccaneers have suddenly seen their Super Bowl chances shrink substantially. Their fate now lies on whether they can fill the very large Brady-shaped hole in their roster.

Dallas Cowboys: +1600

The Dallas Cowboys were the team to beat in the early 1990s, but they’ve failed to live up to that in more recent years. In 2021, that changed and the Cowboys topped their division with a respectable 12-5 record.

There’s still plenty of work to do to step up from this year’s performance. Cowboys fans will be hoping to build on a brief playoff appearance this season with a genuine challenge for the Super Bowl next year

To do that, they need to improve offensive and defensive lines and come away from their one-dimensional playing tactics. They also need to become more disciplined as they had more penalties against them than any other team in the NFL this season.

San Francisco 49ers: +1400

The 49ers only managed a 10-7 record in the regular season, but they still converted this into a decent run in the playoffs, knocking out both the Cowboys and the Packers. They also looked as though they had the Conference Championship wrapped up before losing a 10-point lead in the final quarter.

In 2021, the 49ers were the ninth-best offensive team when looking at schedule-adjusted NEP per play. It wouldn’t boost them from “slightly above average” to “great” and with Trey Lance expected to step up to starting QB next season. That could be the push the team needs to take its offence to the next level.

Super Bowl LVII betting is already shaping up to look pretty tasty with several strong contenders. If you’ve got a hunch for which team is going to take it, get your slips in early to lock in these futures odds and then sit back and get ready for another exciting season of football.