Super Bowl Betting: Top Contenders

Super Bowl LVI is hurtling towards us at dizzying speed, and Super Bowl betting at Bodog is the monolithic roadblock that will bring it to a screeching halt on that fateful day, giving eager punters a front row seat to history in the making.

And what might we prepare ourselves for, you ask? The possibilities have narrowed, but let’s recap the season thus far, and toss around some scenarios.

Last year’s Super Bowl runner-ups, the Kansas City Chiefs, had us sweating for the first part and even the midseason before picking up the pace again and reminding us who the true Mahomes is. 

The Buccaneers continue to impress, proving that Tom Brady isn’t even close to backing down, and why should he? The Buffalo Bills rose up in the ranks with Josh Allen leading them to the top of the AFC East, and the Packers emerged from an entangled controversy relatively unscathed. 

The race for the Lombardi Trophy is cranked to eleven in 2022, and Bodog Casino is out in front with live odds for the winner of Super Bowl LVI. Let’s review the contenders. 

Green Bay Packers: +375

Leading the charts as favourites are the Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers giving an MVP-calibre performance. The team has been the most consistent in the NFL this season – despite the drama surrounding Rodgers and the franchise, who clearly didn’t feel the needle to back down. 

We watched as Green Bay sorted out a salary-cap dilemma, succeeded in getting Rodgers back, suffered a blowout at the hands of the Saints in Week 1, got ransacked by COVID-19, and cranked it out through multiple injuries to key players. I think they call that strength through adversity.

And after all that, the team still dominated with a 12-3 record and the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Is it any wonder this powerhouse is gracing the leaderboard?

Even their devastating loss to New Orleans in the opening week was immediately followed up by seven consecutive wins before Rodgers dropped out in Week 9. Most impressively, they accomplished this without the help of left tackle David Bakhtiari and edge rusher Za’Darius Smith. 

The Sportsbook has spoken, and Bodog’s Super Bowl odds are +375 that the Packers, already boasting 13 notches on its NFL championship belt, can latch on to the elusive 14th and hoist the Lombardi trophy high. 

Kansas City Chiefs: +500

Last year’s Super Bowl runners-up held the favourite position in both the off-season and regular season. Fresh into the new year, Kansas City holds the number two seed for the AFC in the playoffs. 

Top talent like Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce easily peg the Chiefs as one of the best skill-positioned groups in the NFL. Andy Reid’s coaching is inarguably in a league of its own, having amassed a career total of 238 wins. There’s no reason to believe he can’t steer the helm of Kansas City to the final match yet again, even if they sail into Green Bay. 

It’s worth recalling that the Chiefs began the season at half-mast. Their first eight games were tit-for-tat at 4-4: a far cry from what we know the Chiefs were capable of. Add to that a few midseason issues with frustrating play on both sides of the ball. 

Weeks on, those transient episodes are water under the bridge, because the Chiefs have barrelled back to a commendable 12-5 record, thanks in no small part to talented players like Mecole Hardman, Darrel Williams, Byron Pringle, and Josh Gordon. Even their defence has tightened up considerably, allowing only nine or fewer points in four of the past five games. 

Bodog Super Bowl odds are +500 that Reid can lead Mahomes and Kansas City to the victory they fell short of last year.   

Buffalo Bills: +750

The Buffalo Bills came so close that they could taste the Super Bowl gridiron last year, but had to bid farewell to their chance at the title after losing to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. This year, the Bills are dead set on clinching their opportunity and taking it all the way.

Josh Allen certainly hasn’t let his performance wane. In his strength-to-strength starring role as quarterback in the 2021 regular season, Allen passed for 4,404 yards with a 36-touchdown and 15-interception ratio, rushed for 763 yards, and recorded 6 rushing touchdowns.

Buffalo did stumble through a bumpy patch mid-season, but that hasn’t prevented them from rushing to the top of the AFC East. 

The roster for the Bills has shaped up to be a strong one, with a strong offensive line. Emmanuel Sanders has replaced John Brown, and promising rookie Gabriel Davis from last season enters the scene as wide receiver. 

Bodog’s odds are +750 that Josh Allen will finally get his moment in the ultimate spotlight with the coveted hardware glimmering over his head victoriously on February 13th. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +800

If there’s anything fans can learn from our observations and predictions in the NFL, it’s that whenever we’ve begun to doubt Tom Brady’s ability to perform – be it for the Patriots or the Buccaneers – Brady delivers a stellar performance on a silver platter… just to remind us that he’ll do things on his terms, thank you very much. 

Brady is the most consistent quarterback in the NFL, which can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. He leads the entire NFL with 29 touchdown passes, and he’s second in the league with 3,172 yards per pass. He’s undoubtedly been key to the Bucs remaining undefeated at home this season, but TB12 isn’t a one-man winning machine. He needs at least a couple of players flanking him. 

Thankfully, Tampa Bay also boasts Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski who’s finally returning after suffering gruesome injuries, including rib fractures and a punctured lung. Veteran free-agent tight end Darren Fells joined the roster in early November, and O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate are also there to share the tight-end snaps.

Not all contending league stars will grace the gridiron in the coming weeks, sadly. Antonio Brown is out due to an ankle injury, and Chris Godwin is benched from a torn ACL. Lavonte David and Shaq Barrett are out for a few weeks from defence, which could hurt more than their collective injuries come playoff time.

Bodog’s odds are currently +800 that The Brady Buccs can do it all over again, and the legendary quarterback will lead his team to yet another championship in Super Bowl LVI. Soon he’ll need to be winning more fingers instead of rings.

The Super Bowl odds are in already, which means now is the potentially the most lucrative time to jump on your bet slips and claim your piece. As the top NFL players are vying for their moment of glory in the spotlight, a winning Super Bowl bet at Bodog will have you basking in your own halo of light.