NFL Betting Power Rankings

NFL betting is at peak FOMO, and with another slate of games set to begin for Week 15 it’s not about to take a breath. 

You don’t need your team to win outright in order to make a killing. Power rankings will show which NFL teams are covering the spread and how well, their margin of victory or defeat, and the average number of points they cover. It’s the only almanac you’ll need to fill out your betslip with a cool confidence. 

NFL Betting Power Rankings – December

See where your favourite team ranks against the spread for Week 15, and get in early before the action kicks off with a bang. 

Green Bay Packers

With 11 games covering the points and only 2 falling short, Green Bay is leading the books as the team to watch when it comes to the spread. 

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas isn’t far behind, and they had 10 games that were covered and only 3 that weren’t, and a healthy 7.2 margin of victory to boot. 

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are ahead of their closing percentage from last season, which was 43.8%, and now Arizona are in the zone at 69.2% with a record of 9-4. 

New England Patriots

The Patriots have a substantial MOV at 11.5, and they’ve covered 9 games out of 13 at an average of +9.2 points. 

Indianapolis Colts

With a record of 8-5, Indy have covered 61.5% of their games against the spread with a 6.8 point margin of victory.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee have come a long way since their 41.2% record in 2020, finding themselves floating near the top of the list with 61.5% of games covered ATS. 

Detroit Lions

Tied with the Titans at 8-5, the Lions have a -10.8 margin of defeat and an average of -2.7 points covered ATS. 

Miami Dolphins

With a -2.6 margin of defeat over 13 games, the Dolphins have covered 7, skipped out on 5, and pushed for 1, all at an average of -0.3 points covered. 

LA Chargers

The Chargers are keeping apace of last year’s record, and right now they’re just short of it by 2.4%, coming in at 53.9% of games covered.

Denver Broncos

Also starring in last season’s re-run is Denver, finding themselves tied up with LA once again. They’ve also got a record of 7-6 as of now, but a higher MOV of 3.6 to LA’s 1.2.

Philadelphia Eagles

With an average of +4.5 points covered ATS, Philly has a MOV of 3.5 and 53.9% of games covered, all of which makes them average spread performers at this stage of the season.

Minnesota Vikings

Also at 7-6 coming into Week 15, Minnesota has a margin of victory of just 0.8 and an average of +0.2 points covered ATS.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccs are reaching admirably for the 60% of games they covered in last year’s record, but right now they’re falling slightly short, coming in at 53.9%, Their MOV sits at 8.7 vs. last season’s 9.1.

Seattle Seahawks

With 7 games covered, 6 games falling short, and a 0.8 MOV, Seattle is ploughing ahead of last season’s 47.1% games covered. 

Buffalo Bills

In 2020, the Bills finished out the season in second place against the spread. In 2021, Buffalo is number 15 on the list with exactly 50% of games covered. 

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta begins our downward half of teams’ performance against the spread, and they’re covering 46.2% of games at an average of -5.2 points. 

San Francisco 49ers

The ‘Niners have a record of 6-7 with a 2.2 MOV and -0.7 points covered on average. 

New York Giants

New York’s 6-7 record is accompanied by a -6.0 margin of defeat and an average of -0.3 points covered. 

Baltimore Ravens

Despite last season’s standing as a top performer ATS, Baltimore isn’t quite there this time around, with a record of 6-7. 

New Orleans Saints

Nola’s current record shows a 1.5 margin of victory, covering 6 of 13 games with an average of +1.5 points covered ATS. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are rubbing shoulders with the Saints and the Ravens with the same 6-7 record, but Kansas City’s margin of victory is notably larger at 6.4. 

LA Rams

The Rams’ margin of victory is 5.6. They covering an average of -0.7 points ATS after 13 games, and have hit 6 and missed 7 of them.

Cincinnati Bengals

Likewise, Cincy’s 6-7 record puts them at 46.2% of games covered, which is down from last year’s 56.3%. They’re holding a 4.7 point MOV. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have covered 38.5% of their games, with 8 games falling short out of 13, and they’re MOV is -3.8.

Washington Football Team

Tumbling from last year’s number 6 position, this year Washington are struggling to regroup. They fill out slot number 25 in the power rankings, with a 5-8 record.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland has fallen well behind this year, with only 5 games covered ATS, having fallen short in 8. 

Houston Texans

Houston’s 5-8 record ATS with an average of -3.7 points covered is not so different from last year’s -3.5, finishing with a 6-10 record. 

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have a margin of defeat sitting at -1.9% with an average of -2.0 points covered ATS, and 5 games covered out of 13. 

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have some catching up to do if they want to match last year’s clean 50% of games covered. As of now they’re at 38.5% and a -1.9 MOD. 

Chicago Bears

The Bears’ 4-9 record puts them at 30.8% of games covered and a -7.8 margin of defeat with an average of -2.8 points covered. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

As second to last in 2021, the Jags have a steep margin of defeat of -12.3, and they’ve managed to cover 4 games and not cover 9. 

New York Jets

The Jets are familiar with the bottom when it comes to rankings against the spread, and this year they are dead last with only 3 games covered, and 10 games not, and a margin of defeat at -13.2.  

The spread is up as we speak, and now is the time to jump in early and lock in your wagers. Win or lose, the spread keeps it even. So really, it could be anyone’s game.