NFL Betting: Top 6 Things For Canadians To Know For The New Season

NFL betting

We’re a heartbeat away from the first NFL season beginnings, and the teams are already alive with action, taking part in pre-season games to help them dust off the cobwebs and get back up to speed.

Millions of fans are on the edges of their seats in anticipation of the opening week matches, checking best Vegas NFL lines to stir up some paydays right alongside the touchdowns on the field.


Before you fill out your slips and hit “submit” at Bodog, there are a few things you should know that will help you take your bets from basic to bomb.

1. Bet on NFL With Crypto

The only thing that could make NFL betting any better is if your team wins with a surprise touchdown with only five seconds left, and you can take your winnings out so fast that your wallet is full before the eruption of cheers has completely died down.

That’s the fast-paced magic of crypto.

Betting on the NFL with crypto is the most popular out of any other method because it’s:

  • Fast
  • Private
  • Secure
  • Smaller fees
  • Bigger bonuses

It’s not only Bitcoin, either. Bodog has a selection of cryptos for anyone to use, depending on your needs.

  • Most reliable: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Fastest deposits and withdrawals: Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV
  • Fewest fluctuations: USD Tether
  • Smallest Fees: Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV

 2. Chase Claypool Odds – Canada’s Star Player

Chase Claypool is Canada’s star player in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a wide receiver, he’s made 121 receptions for 1,733 yards and made 13 touchdowns.

In 2021, the Steelers managed to finish 2nd in the AFC North but were sent home in the first round by the Chiefs. This year, Claypool will be key in building on that success to mount a stronger challenge, and his team has odds of +9000 to win the Super Bowl.

You don’t have to bet on the Steelers, however, to get behind Claypool, and there are plenty of specials on his performance alone:

3. Best NFL Underdogs

The nature of the NFL means that the underdogs have a lot of opportunities to beat the odds and go for glory.

Last year, the Cincinnati Bengals were one of these. They started the season with few expectations but blew us away by almost winning the Super Bowl in February.

Given their track record, the Bengals could be a good option yet again with current Super Bowl odds of +2200. The Rams are higher up the list with +1200, which is a fairly good steal given that they lifted the Lombardi Trophy just a few months ago.


With Aaron Rodgers remaining at Green Bay, the Packers could be packing major heat as underdogs with their +900 odds.

4. Best Teams Against The Spread

If you want to bet on your team even though you’re sure they can’t win overall, spreads are the way to do it, and they’re one of the most popular types of NFL betting in Canada.

In 2022, the teams that beat the spread the most were the:

  • Cowboys – 13-4
  • Packers – 12-5
  • Lions – 11-6
  • Bills – 9-6-2

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future success, but none of these teams’ rosters are radically different from last year, so it’s a good indication that they can pull it off again.

5. Live Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, is incredibly popular among NFL fans. While traditional sports bets are placed ahead of the game’s kick-off, live betting takes place while the game is in action, updating odds as the performance unfolds.

A good strategy for live betting is to jump on the odds of a favourite team that falls back due to the underdogs scoring points early.

Look at the match with the Bills favoured -135 against the +115 Rams on September 9th. If Stafford makes a touchdown for the Rams in the first half of the first quarter, the Bills’ odds may suddenly jump into plus money, and that would be an excellent time to take them if you think the Bills can still win.

6. Most Popular NFL Teams For Canadians

While Canada may not have any NFL teams of its own (for now…), that doesn’t stop Canadians from adopting teams and treating them as their own. Here are the ones that get the most support north of the border and how they’re shaping up for the 2023 Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills (+550)

Buffalo is a city that sits on the US-Canada border and is a two-hour drive from Toronto, so it’s practically like home.

Around 10-20% of Bills season tickets are held by Canadians with many more making their way over for the occasional game. With the Bills currently leading the books as top favourites to win the Super Bowl, 2022 might be a good time for Canadians to take the trip.

Minnesota Vikings (+3000)

Minneapolis is at least a four-hour drive from the border, and the Vikings happen to be the team closest to Winnipeg.

More importantly, the Vikings were coached by Bud Grant who also steered the helm of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (the team with the current best CFL odds), so there’s a strong connection between them.

The Vikings are yet to win a Super Bowl and don’t have great odds for this season, but that won’t put Canadian fans off from cheering on their American neighbours.

Seattle Seahawks (+15000)

At +15000 odds, the Seattle Seahawks are an unlikely candidate for the 2023 Super Bowl, but that won’t stop Canadian fans from going all in.

Seattle is the closest NFL team, geographically speaking, to Vancouver and the surrounding cities of Richmond, Abbotsford, and Victoria. It’s a 2-3-hour drive to watch a game, but that’s worth every minute if you’re a football fan living in British Columbia.


From week one until the big game, NFL betting is locked and loaded for all of your bets. The earlier you secure your slips at Bodog, the better your odds will likely be, so don’t waste a minute – open up the sports betting page to see what looks too good to miss.