Can the Cincinnati Bengals Finally Get Their Hands on the Lombardi in 2023?

Cincinnati Bengals

We have no less than 259 new players looking to etch their name in NFL history after the 2023 NFL draft. Something that immediately caught our attention was the Cincinnati Bengals signing Orlando Brown Jr. The 4x Pro Bowl winner. An instrumental playmaker in the Super Bowl LVII, OBJ can not only help give more time to Joe Burrow in the pocket, but he can considerably improve the team’s offensive tackle.


If all goes well, then the team has a significantly higher chance of winning the Super Bowl in 2023, something that is backed up by Bodog’s Super Bowl LVIII odds. The team is already #1 in the 2022 AFC North Standings. Let’s look at what’s going on with the Bengals and how their chances have improved, starting with the signing of OBJ.

The Roster

The players of Cinci this time are going to be one unstoppable force. You can almost taste it—The sheer dominance of the Burrow-OBJ combination is going to make opponents struggle a lot.

Let’s look at the player highlights for the playoffs as well as potential Super Bowl winners.

Orlando Brown Jr.

After playing for Cincinnati rivals Baltimore and then joining the Kansas team, OBJ has been signed by the Bengals with a $64 million four-year contract. The deal included a $31M+ signing bonus which is the largest ever for an o-lineman.

Though the Bengals have been known (alongside Ravens) to sign fan favourites at the beginning of each season, OBJ’s signing wasn’t expected by a lot of fans.

The o-line has always been a point of weakness for the Bengals in the deep playoffs. Some could argue that it’s what has caused the team to lose a few important games, halting their progress in the playoffs as the season progresses.

That might not be the case anymore. OBJ strengthens the offense of the team. He’s basically a blessing in disguise, a high-level protection that’s going to make Burrow an insanely powerful machine.

Joe Burrow

Burrow is one of the best QBs in the NFL right now. His campaign just started on the wrong foot, nothing more.

This time, it’s going to be all or nothing for him. You couldn’t have missed seeing him take big risks on the field. He makes throw after throw into very small windows where only his receiver can make a play.

That’s one quality we’re seeing improve steadily. His accuracy is elite level right now, plus his excellent timing with Ja’Marr Chase tells him precisely when the window is going to be open.

If you’ve followed Burrow’s previous games, you know that he’s going to be a major problem for any team that the Bengals play against.

Oh, and by the way, Burrow is now the co-favourite to win the NFL MVP alongside Patrick Mahomes!


The Bengals have gradually risen up the ranks, now sitting only behind a handful of teams like the Chiefs, Eagles, Bills, 49ers, and the Vikings with a win percentage of .750.

In that context, Dion Dawkins said, “Everything just felt weird” in the Bills’ loss to the Bengals recently. But what did he mean exactly?

The Bengals are playing their game in a very different way this time around. They have become a better team with each game and are ready to take on bigger challenges. Let’s analyse what contributed the most to it all.

Team Motivation

Sometimes, it starts and ends with the QB. The Bengals struggled for years. It was Burrow who finally turned the tide in the team’s favour.

And he did that mainly by motivating and inspiring the players, staff, and, most importantly, the fans.

Rising from the ashes as a team nobody took seriously to today when they are among the favourites, with Burrow the #2 QB in the league and the team showing all the signs of serious contention. It’s motivation that has played an integral role in improving the team’s playstyle.

A Well-Rounded Performance

The stats are all in favour of the team. There’s a balance that we often see in Super Bowl champions. And this alone is the reason why we strongly believe that Cincinnati has what it takes to bring it home this year.

Though there are a lot of things (and teams) to worry about, the overall performance of the Bengals with QB Burrow leading the charge, OBJ helping him do what he does best, and the natural talents of wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase and edge rusher Trey Hendrickson might just be the perfect recipe that not only fits the Cincinnati cultural formula but takes home the win.

Final Verdict

We strongly believe that the Bengals can win the Super Bowl this year. Yes, there are challenges, but the team has the right mix of players and playstyle that can potentially take on any challenge or threat in the playoffs.

It’s especially the performance of Burrow that gives us confidence. He seems to do the right thing so consistently that it’s surprising why it took him so long to be recognised as the second-best quarterback in the league.

With steady improvements and a motivated team, Cincinnati is all set to be a tough contender this time around for all teams.