UFC 271 Betting Preview

With UFC 271 just days away, Bodog has cooked up your info-dish, best served hot. Check out the preview and get your bets in fast.

UFC 271 is just days away: and the main event is promising to be a tantalizing pairing. Long-time MMA fans will have deja vu as the current UFC Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, faces off against the former titleholder, Robert Whittaker for the second time.

In addition to this score-settling rematch, we’ll see Tai Tuivasa, the No.11 heavyweight, take on the 3rd-ranked Derrick Lewis, as well as three other promising fights that will have you placing a bob each way.

At the Bodog Casino sportsbook, you’ll find all the best UFC 271 betting odds for each bout taking place at Houston’s Toyota Center. Before you fill out your bet slips, check out a preview of the key fights on the card for UFC 271 on February 12th.

UFC 271 Odds: Adesanya v Whittaker 2

Going into this middleweight title fight, Israel Adesanya has to be feeling pretty confident. The Nigerian stands four inches taller than his opponent and, at least on paper, appears to be the better equipped of the two.

More importantly, the last time these two squared off against each other was back in October 2019, and Adesanya knocked out Whittaker before the Australian could clear two rounds.

Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker, our thunder from Down Under,  will be wanting to settle the score and regain the UFC Middleweight Championship from Adesanya, but the odds look stacked against him.

Whittaker has less reach, his average fight time is significantly shorter despite winning nearly 40% of his fights by decision, and he had to retreat from a scheduled fight in early 2020 due to burnout. That all leaves plenty of room to question his preparedness coming into this bout.

Of course, sheer determination to get even could be enough for Whittaker, but the Australian is up against a fighter who’s retained the middleweight title for more than two years.

Adesanya is talking the talk ahead of the fight, predicting in an interview with Stake that his opponent will “revert back to [the same] errors” that led to his defeat last time. He believes that Whittaker will attempt to grapple with him in a bid to get one over him, but he’s confident he has an answer to it. Adesanya’s confidence is well-placed, after all, as he has never lost a middleweight fight in his UFC career.

Adesanya is the clear favourite on the Bodog books with UFC 271 betting odds at -265 compared to Whittaker’s +212.

Let's see who's fighting it out in the octagon for UFC 271

UFC 271 Odds: Derrick Lewis v Tai Tuivasa

The co-main event at UFC 271 will be a heavyweight bout between Derrick Lewis and Tai “Bam Bam” Tuivasa.

Tuivasa has his work cut out for him in this fight. The Australian is significantly less experienced in the UFC, though he has knocked out each of his last four opponents.

That may not be enough to beat Lewis who has earned himself the nickname “The Black Beast” thanks to his dominance in the sport. Last December, the American KOed Chris Daukaus in UFC Fight Night 199, breaking the record for the most UFC knockouts regardless of weight division.

Lewis is also taller and has a longer reach with both his arms and legs, though Tuivasa does have a few extra pounds on him. Bam Bam tends to land more significant strikes, with a rate of 4.63 to Lewi’s 2.53. If he can keep up this momentum he might manage to pull it out of the bag.

Bodog’s UFC 271 betting odds for this fight show that Lewis is the favourite at -190 compared to Tuivasa’s +155.

UFC 271 Odds: Jarden Cannonier v Derek Brunson

Next on the UFC 271 fight card is a middleweight bout between the Americans Jared “Thai Killa Gorilla” Cannonier and Derek “The 1” Brunson. The fight had been scheduled to take place at UFC 270 on January 22, but it was moved for undisclosed reasons. We’re not complaining though, as it is one you won’t want to miss.

The pair are two of the most evenly-matched fighters scheduled to face off at the event with just two inches of height difference and near-identical arm and leg reach. Cannonier lands slightly more strikes per minute with 3.6 to Brunson’s 3.45, though he also absorbs more at 3.19 to 2.68.

Brunson is the more experienced of the two, having competed in 30 fights and won 23 of them. His win record is also better than Cannonier who emerged victorious from 14 of his 19 bouts.

Cannonier has pulled out of several fights in the last couple of years, but if he makes it into the ring he is Bodog’s current favourite with odds of -190 to Brunson’s +150.

UFC 271 Odds: Kyler Phillips v Marcelo Rojo

The only bantamweight fight on the fight card for UFC 271 will be between Kyler “The Matrix” Phillips and Marcelo “Pitbull” Rojo – and you couldn’t find better-matched opponents. The pair are both relatively short fighters at just 5’8”, and share similar stats for just about every other metric in the UFC dataset.

In recent years, Rojo has had a patchy record in the UFC. He lost his only fight in 2021, didn’t compete in 2020, managed to win only half of his bouts in 2019, and has a 16-8 record overall. When things do go his way, Pitbull usually has the fight wrapped up in the first round, so if Phillips can hold out past the first five minutes, his odds will rise sharply.

The Matrix, on the other hand, has a better win ratio, having been victorious in 9 of his 11 UFC fights. He did lose his last against Raulian Paiva in July 2021, but we can soften that blow by noting it was only by majority decision.

It’s this strong record that’s made Phillips the favourite going into UFC 271 with odds from the Bodog sportsbook of -350 compared to Rojo’s +265.

With a main event involving a grueling grudge match and close matches on the undercards, UFC 271 betting is shaping up to be an exciting prospect. Get in there early to make your selections at Bodog Casino sportsbook, and get ready for a wild night of mixed martial arts at UFC 271.