How To Bet On UFC

UFC is outstripping almost every sport on the planet in terms of popularity. Get on board and learn how to take advantage of the action and add to your wallet.

Martial arts weren’t always the most popular to bet on, but over the past few years they’ve really caught on, and the UFC is an extra hard-hitter in the betting scene.

While the fighters are confronting each other in the cage, bettors at Bodog Casino are knocking out their bets with impeccable odds. If you’ve never tried betting on the UFC before, then rest assured that it’s a lot easier than earning a welterweight title.

Whether it’s your first time in the betting ring or you’re back for another shot, take a minute to brush up on the bets available, and review exactly how you’ll be making a killing in the next UFC fight.

UFC Betting Explained

These are the types of UFC betting you can make at Bodog, with plenty of examples to make your bets with confidence.


The moneyline is your most straightforward bet, and it’s a bet on who will win the bout. For this bet, the method of victory doesn’t matter, nor does it matter what happened in the fight to get them there.

If Robbie Lawler beat Carlos Condit like he did in 2016, that’s a moneyline win for those bettors, even if Condit did land 176 significant strikes to Lawler’s 92.

Then, you get paid based on the odds shown next to that fighter. If you see a plus (e.g. +165), it means the fighter is the underdog, and you’ll win more if they win. If there’s a minus sign (e.g. -230), that fighter is the favourite, and it’ll always pay a bit less since there’s less risk.

Total Rounds Over/Under

For this bet, the sportsbook predicts the number of rounds the fight will complete before a winner is announced, usually at a “0.5”, or halfway, line.

You get to make your own prediction and bet on whether you think the number of rounds will go over the sportsbooks number, or under.

So let’s say the next fight coming up is a regular three round fight, and the sportsbook posts the total rounds at 2.5. It’ll look like this:

Total Rounds Over/Under

2.5: Over +250 / Under -350

If you bet under, it means you think the fight will end before the halfway point of the third round. If you bet over, you’re wagering that the fight lasts at least until the halfway point of the third round, or it goes all the way to a decision.

Whoever actually wins the fight is inconsequential to this bet, it only matters at what point the match is finished.

Go the Distance

For this type of bet on the UFC, you wager on a simple yes or no about whether or not the fight will go to the end of the final round.

The actual fighter who wins makes no difference for this bet. It’s only based on whether or not the fight made it to the end of the fnal round.

It looks something like this:

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes: -165

No: +125

You know from the negative odds that most bettors believe that it will go the distance. If you choose to jump on the bandwagon and bet “yes”, and the fight is over in the middle of the third round, you’ll lose the bet. If the fight makes it to the end of the third round, that’s it – you’re winning along with the victorious fighter!

Method of Victory

This bet is a double whammy, and you choose how the fight will be won, and which fighter will win it. It’s a bit more difficult to get right, but when you do, it offers some of the highest rewards in UFC betting.

Your options for the method of victory are:

  • By points
  • By knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), or disqualification (lumped together)
  • By submission
  • Draw

Each method of victory is available for each fighter in the match. If they win via that method, it doesn’t matter which round it happens. Also, if one of the fighters wins by that method but it wasn’t the one you selected, you don’t win the bet. Both parts must be true for you to win.

UFC Parlay Betting

A parlay bet is when you make multiple bets, anywhere from 2-12, and merge them together into one big ticket. The more bets you add, the higher your odds will increase, because the more difficult it will be to get each one right. In order to win your parlay, each and every leg of the bet has to win. If just one of them doesn’t go through, the entire ticket is considered a loss.

So let’s say we go back in time to UFC 111 in 2010, and you make a parlay bet that underdog Shane Carwin will beat Frank Mir, and also that Georges St. Pierre will beat Dan Hardy in his fight.

If both Carwin and Hardy win (which they did!), you get paid on higher odds than if you bet on them individually. If only Carwin wins and Hardy doesn’t, you wouldn’t get anything for that ticket.

That’s the risk of the parlay, but also the beauty of it!

UFC Betting at Bodog

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UFC betting is the ultimate playoff between you and the odds, with your bankroll looking to win the title. These are the bets to get things moving, and with just a few bet slips and right hooks to the Sports page at Bodog, you’ll be the one strapping on the championship belt.