How To Bet On MLB

As with Baseball itself, there’s so many dimensions when it comes to betting on MLB. Bodog breaks down the options so you can get up and running fast.

When summer comes around, there’s only one thing on the mind of every Bodog Casino sports bettor: baseball. Whether you play the game yourself or you just love to watch Shohei Ohtani hit 46 home runs from your living room sofa, there’s certainly no shortage of games to enjoy. The regular season has 2,430 games, and at Bodog, that means 2,430 opportunities to cash out.

With the right information and type of MLB betting at Bodog Casino, you can score more runs than Rickey Henderson, and make the type of money A-Rod would come asking after. You won’t have to spend hours in Spring Training, though, because at Bodog, we make cashing out from the MLB super easy.

Whether you’re a beginner or betting on the MLB is old hat for you, we’ll cover the ins and outs of MLB betting from the runline to innings to totals. This is how you make money by betting on the MLB.

MLB Betting Explained

Baseball is an in-depth sport with plenty of dimensions, and MLB betting is certainly no different. These are the most popular types of MLB betting because they’re easy to bet on, and even more thrilling to win.

Moneyline Betting

For a moneyline bet, you simply choose which team will win the game. The favourite side will have odds with a negative sign (i.e. -160) and the underdogs will have odds with a plus sign (i.e. +200). As long as your team wins, you get paid based on those odds. Easy!

MLB Runline Betting

For runline betting, the sportsbook evens out the playing field for both teams by giving the favourites positive runs (i.e. +1.5), and the underdogs negative runs (i.e. -1.5). The number of runs is always set at +/- 1.5, because baseball isn’t a sport that typically scores very high.

If you bet on the Red Sox to cover a runline of -1.5, they would have to win the game by 2 runs or more. If you bet on the Dodgers to cover +1.5 runs, they would have to either win the game outright, or lose by only 1 run for you to win.

MLB First Five Innings Betting

Also called an F5 bet, this is a bet where you’re predicting which team will be ahead after the first five innings. Whatever happens after that isn’t taken into account for your bet – in other words, it doesn’t matter who actually wins in the end.

MLB Totals Betting

This is also referred to as over/under. The “total” number referred to in totals betting is simply the combined number of runs between both teams at the end of the game. The sportsbook predicts the total combined number of runs that will happen in that game, like, say, 7.5, and you bet on whether you believe the number will be more (over) or less (under) than the sportsbook’s prediction.

MLB Prop Betting

The betting options in the MLB don’t stop with the basics. Props bets are a whole new way to get some action as well! Prop bets are wagers on specific occurrences in the game that are not necessarily tied to the outcome of the game itself. Props bets in the MLB often center around strikes, RBIs and homers for specific players, but they can also touch on stats from the team.

Here are some examples.

  • Will Salvador Perez get over or under 5 RBIs?
  • How many bases will Trea Turner steal?
  • How many home runs will Mike Trout have?
  • How many strikeouts will Shane Bieber have?
  • Which team will be the first to get 3 runs?

You’ll often see props bets as over/under, yes/no, or an exact number. If your prediction on that specific event is correct, you get paid, regardless of how the rest of the game turns out.

MLB Parlay Betting

A parlay bet means you put multiple bets on one ticket, and you’re paid out based on the success of the entire ticket.

So let’s say you bet the White Sox moneyline in their match against the Diamondbacks, you add the runline for the Reds in their game against the Cubs, and you bet an over for the totals in another match. The more bets you add to your parlay, the higher your odds will become. In order to get paid, however, each leg of your parlay has to win.

So if the White Sox did win their game like you predicted, the Reds covered the runline, and the third match was indeed over, then you’d get paid on those higher odds. On the flipside, if just one of those isn’t true, like, say, the total runs were actually under the sportsbook’s prediction, then you’d lose the entire ticket.

MLB Betting at Bodog

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