Who Will Be The Next Superman?

With Henry Cavill retiring from the Superman franchise, there’s now a void for who will play the new man of steel. Take a walk down Hollywood with Bodog as we unpack the contenders and their odds.

Ever since Kirk Alyn suited up in the blue and red in 1948, the world has seen five different actors portray one of the most famous comic characters around: the one and only Superman.

In 1978, Christopher Reeve stole the show with his all-American good looks when he played the most iconic version of Superman that flew until 1987. Most recently, the Witcher’s Henry Cavill claimed the part in Man of Steel in 2013, then reprised the role in the Justice League in 2017 as well as Zach Snyder’s Justice League in 2021.

Back in 2013, the world fell in love with Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel, and since then we’ve been waiting in anticipation to see the British actor put on the cape again in Man of Steel 2. Unfortunately for many, Warner Bros seems to have dropped the pending sequel, instead shifting chatter to a different reboot of Superman that appears to have nothing to do with Cavill’s rendition at all.


That means that the famous red cape is currently blowing unclaimed in the wind, and the next Superman is awaiting you in the most up-to-date Marvel betting odds at Bodog Casino. Let’s see which actor might step up to claim the cape.

Michael B. Jordan (+125)

As the favourite on the list to take over as the next Superman, Michael B. Jordan would be the first ever person of colour to take the role. It’s not hard to imagine, as we’ve already seen the clever and dashing Jordan scowl his brow as a black supervillain in Marvel’s Black Panther (starring the late Chadwick Boseman).

The real question isn’t whether Jordan would slam-dunk the role, but whether Hollywood is ready for the first black Superman.

Warner Bros seems to think so, having announced that they’re working on a reboot of Superman centred around a black Man of Steel. Even Cavill, who has openly shared his desire to continue another film as Superman, expressed his excitement for the reboot, stating that Superman is “far more than skin colour”.

Back in 2019, Jordan appeared on Oprah where she grilled him about the “buzz” surrounding the possibility of him taking the role. Jordan expressed his gratitude, but also his hesitation at the thought of standing up to the comparison of all the great actors before him.

So far, odds are looking good for the actor, and +125 says that Michael B. Jordan will be the next man to don the red and blue.

Matt Bomer (+150)

If Matt Bomer has got nothing else going for him as the perfect actor to take over Superman, we know for sure that he’s got the right face for it.

Fans of DC have a certain expectation of how one of the most iconic superheroes should look: a chiseled chin, strong jaw line, thick black hair, and piercing blue eyes that elicit gasps from the audience when he strides into frame.


That’s not all the former All My Children star can bring to the outfit, however, since his voice is also one that’s filled the role in the past. Back in 2013, the Missouri native voiced the Man of Steel in the animated film Superman: Unbound, which we think is a solid dress-rehearsal at least.

Aside from being the voice of Superman, Bomer is also no stranger to gallivanting around broken cities saving lives and fighting off bad guys, at least not on TV. Bomer also played pre-accident Larry Trainor in Doom Patrol, and The Flash in Justice Society: World War II, which are all a part of the DC universe.

He looks the part, demonstrably sounds the part, and +150 Marvel betting odds say that Matt Bomer will be the part in the next Superman film.

Oscar Isaac (+500)

Oscar Isaac is most known for his leading roles in the thriller Ex Machina (2015), and the superhero film X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). A man’s man among actors and audience alike.

Isaac is known for being a widely versatile actor with an unwavering ability to define unique characters in any role. Just this year, we got a glimpse of the Guatemalan-born actor as a leading superhero in Moon Knight. In the film, Isaac plays an unassuming gift shop owner with dissociative identity disorder (DID) called Marc Spector, aka the Moon Knight.

Isaac fit perfectly into the versatile role of Spector as he shifted seamlessly between personalities. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see him extend his talents to the role of Superman, and +500 odds say that he will.

Donald Glover (+1000)

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has worn many hats throughout his career. We’ve witnessed his work from a writer for NBC’s 30 Rock, to a student in the comedy series Community, to a rap artist making the controversial This is America music video from 2018. Add to that an impressive resumé of film directing and producing, and we have an all-round contender on our hands.

As impressive as his resumé is, can Glover tackle the Man of Steel? Based on his past performances, it’s clear that Glover wouldn’t have a problem living up to expectations. Plus, Warner Bros – having cast a wide net for a black Superman, tells us that Glover could be joining Jordan as a potential pick.

That said, the Community actor is shorter than any other Superman at just 5’7 ft (1.75 m), with all other actors to date having stood at least 6’0 ft (1.82 meters) tall.


Glover was seen on the big screen in the Marvel Universe when he played the Prowler Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Perhaps his role as the criminal turned some heads and got some producers talking, and odds of +1000 say that the Superman glove for Glover just might fit.

We might be saying goodbye to Henry Cavill as Superman, but that only means the door is opening to a new face for the franchise to breathe new life. Fans of Marvel betting have a reason to be excited for the next Superman, and Bodog Casino has the best odds to strap on the cape and swoop in to make some cash, so don’t wait to get in there and grab them.