Roulette Tips: Explaining The 666 System

Slow and steady wins the race. And with Roulette betting, this approach is exactly what Bodog dives into today with the little-known 666 system

Online Roulette is one of the hottest games on the circuit. It can be one of the easiest games you play – after all, you just pick a few numbers or a colour and hope for the best, right?

Well, to some degree.

Anyone who’s played Roulette knows if you go into the game without an online Roulette strategy, you’re leaving your balance vulnerable to draining out quicker. If you want to keep your balance looking healthier for longer, you’ll have to adopt a strategy focusing on the only thing you can control in the game – the size of your bets.

Enter the 666 system.

This is a low-risk betting tactic. It focuses on controlling the size and placement of your bets and allows your balance to rise slowly and steadily, without risking hefty losses.


We’ll tell you straight up – this is not the betting strategy to make a huge profit in one fell swoop. Instead, the 666 System gradually increases your wins over time, allowing you to stay in the game for longer and build a profit along the way, bit by bit.

Bodog is here to explain the technique so you can get the most out of your sessions with online Roulette. You’re about to see a side of the game you’ve never experienced before, so gather around and get ready to see the 666 system: explained.

The 666 System: All You Need To Know

We’ll explain the 666 System, how it works, and how to use it, and then we’ll send you off on a game of your own to put it to the test.

What is the 666 System?

Despite its name, the 666 system doesn’t involve any Satanic rituals or summoning beings from the underworld when the sun goes down!

That said, when you add up all the numbers on a Roulette wheel, you get a total of 666 – which is affectionately known as the number of the Beast. That’s also why Roulette has the nickname, “The Devil’s Wheel”.


The system involves placing different-sized bets on almost all of the numbers on the wheel, except for four numbers. The idea is that with most of the wheel covered, your chances of landing at least one small bet is high, despite the actual profit being smaller.

How to deploy the 666 System

Let’s draw it out step by step. We’ll use the European Roulette wheel in this example as it’s the most popular version to play, and betting units of $1.

Step 1: Place a bet of $36 on black or red. That will already cover half the wheel, and it’ll pay you $72 (1:1) if you land it.

Step 2: Place seven split bets of $4 on 12 numbers of the colour you didn’t bet on in Step 1. So, let’s say you chose to bet on red in Step 1; for Step 2, you would make these split bets (18:1), which are all on black:

  • 0 & 2
  • 8 & 11
  • 10 & 13
  • 17 & 20
  • 26 & 29
  • 28 & 31

Step 3: Next are Straight Up bets (35:1), the highest paying bets in Roulette. Put the least amount of money on these since they’re the least likely to land. We’ll go with $2 each on any of the three remaining seven numbers on the wheel.

  • 22
  • 23
  • 35

Now, your total bet for the game is $66. You’ve also covered nearly the entire wheel with bets ranging from the biggest on the easiest to win, to the smallest on the hardest to win. Seeing the secret, here?

You would then play with a large number of spins – like 10 – and allow the strategy to get to work, gradually increasing your wins, while sometimes losing smaller amounts, as well.

The Pros and Cons of the 666 System

The 666 online Roulette strategy makes a lot of sense when it comes to betting, but is it the right Roulette strategy for you? Let’s lay out the pros and cons:


  • Low risk because you won’t lose too much of your balance on any spin
  • Your losses are spread out in a savvy manner
  • A great Roulette strategy for beginners
  • Consistent, smaller wins compounding on each other
  • Your playing will last longer


  • Doesn’t have the thrill of huge, luck-driven wins
  • You must bet a large amount on each spin
  • Winning on larger, easier bets won’t win all your money back
  • You need to win a lot of the more difficult bets to generate a profit, such as six or seven split bets

 As you can see, the 666 Roulette strategy offers a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re the type of player who prefers to settle into a longer campaign with lower risks and small, consistent wins, the 666 system could be a great choice.


If you’re a bigger risk-taker chasing the thrill of those huge wins that only occur once in a blue moon, you may not be a fan of the slow and steady 666 System.

Play Roulette At Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino has all the types of Roulette available to practice your online Roulette strategies.

European Roulette is the most classic version of the game with one green zero, and it has the lower house edge between the two.

American Roulette is played exactly the same as European but has two green zeros instead of just one.

Both types of Roulette have versions optimised for mobile play, and you simply have to open them up on your phone’s browser through the Bodog website. You can also try the 666 System or any other online Roulette strategy in practice mode before using real money.

Online Roulette is one of the most popular games around, holding the potential to win big, as long as you play it right. Now that the 666 betting system is explained, you can use these Roulette tips to dive inside the game at Bodog with a plan and watch your balance rise along with the Beast.