Magic Apple Game Review

Bodog Casino turns its focus to one of our most popular games, Magic Apple, in a review of this spell-binding slot game. Check it out today.

Given all the ways to experience the magic of slot gaming at Bodog Casino, the Magic Apple online slot is the fairest of them all.

Among the features enchanting your balance like free spins, multiplying Wilds, and a Hold and Win game with an extra-large grid, the slot’s theme alone will be enough to bewitch your imagination. It conveys the whimsical tale of a fair lady lost in a forest filled with Wilds and scatters, pursued by an evil witch with a basketful of magic apples poisoned with riches.

Story sound a little familiar?

Well, one thing is certain: when playing Magic Apple online, you become the main character in pursuit of these prizes. The evil witch has an abundance of apples tumbling from her basket with numbered vales to add up your wins, as well as four different options for jackpots to prance out of the forest with arms full of delicious cash.


Step into the forest, enter the world of the Magic Apple and write your own story at Bodog Casino.

Magic Apple Gameplay & Design

The Magic Apple online slot is a modern slot based on a large game screen with five reels and four rows. There are 30 paylines helping you win the base game prizes from Wilds, Scatters, and regular symbols.

The business side of the Magic Apple online slot is in the Hold and Win game, where four fixed jackpots are available.

The $0.25 minimum bet for this game is very reasonable and allows bettors with lower bankrolls to get involved. The $60 maximum bet is a bit lower compared to other slots in general, but it’s a decent max bet for Hold and Win Games like this one.

The RTP is 96%, which is pretty decent, but it’s the max win per spin of 2,000x your bet that’ll really keep players coming back for more.

Anyone who’s read a storybook or seen a Disney movie will recognise the characters as Snow White, the Charming Prince and the Evil Witch. In this game, the witch has a talent for tracking down innocent slot players with red, juicy apples full of poison. Just one bite into the bright red skin will have you drop to the floor with the taste of juicy cash dripping from its core.

Magic Apple Features

As you frolic through the forest alongside your fair lady, as well as the wicked witch hot on your heels, plenty of enchanted features will appear from behind the trees to guide you.


Wild, Wild on the wall, who is the richest of them all?

That’s what you’ll be saying when you land the Wild symbol placed over the magic mirror with a golden frame. When you get it, this symbol can replace any other regular symbol in the game to help you make more wins.

Castle Scatter

As you go deeper into the forest, you’ll see the peak of a magnificent castle rearing its golden towers over the trees. This is your Scatter symbol, which pays from all reels, regardless of where it lands.

Free Spins

If you manage to track down the castle three times in one spin, you enter the bewitching realm of 8 free spins, which can all trigger if three more castles appear.


Even better is when the familiar Wild mirror appears during free spins. Then it turns into a 2x multiplier, confirming once and for all that you – yes, you – are the richest of them all.

Magic Apple Bonus Rounds

Throughout all the features roaming through the forest and the castle, one feature is reserved only for the bravest who make it this far.

Hold and Win Bonus Game

All of the juice in this game is squeezed into the Hold and Win Bonus Game. This is the place where the evil witch has stored her hordes of magic apples poisoned with prize potential.

To enter the round, you’ll need six red apple bonus symbols from the base game.


You get a grid of 20 spaces and start with three re-spins. Whenever a bonus red apple symbol lands, you get three more re-spins. The game continues like this until you’ve either filled up each of the 20 spaces with bonus symbols, or you run out of re-spins. Then, all your bonus symbols are added up and your balance is gifted with a massive spike in cash. Like magic.

But there’s more.

Mini, Minor, Major Jackpots

While you’re collecting bonus magic apples in the Hold and Win game, you’ll want to lure the witch closer with her jackpots. There’s a mini, minor, and major jackpot apple also flowing past your grid, and if any land, that jackpot is yours to keep.

Grand Jackpot

For the biggest prize in the Hold and Win game and in the entire slot, you have to fill up all 20 spaces on the grid with bonus magic apples, then you win the Grand Jackpot, and the witch is silenced forever, locked away in her evil lair. Mua-hahaha.

Titles Similar to Magic Apple

When you’re done chowing down on the Magic Apple online, you’ll find these similar games just as alluring as the witch with a spell.

Buddha Fortune Hold and Win

The Hold and Win feature is back, but this time it’s run by a god with a round, golden belly. The forces of good and evil are at play with the yin and yang symbols, and Buddha Fortune Hold and Win invites nirvana with a Grand Jackpot of 2,000x your stake.

Precious Treasures

If you loved the classic Disney theme of Magic Apple, you’ll be ready to dive back into a classic-inspired story of a beautiful mermaid living under the sea with her trident-wielding papa. In Precious Treasures, our main mermaid and her underwater crew appear as big symbols along with Wilds popping out of bubbles and a treasure chest scatter full of gold.

This Magic Apple slot review is wrapping up, which means it’s time for you to absorb the magic of the review, and run with it to play Magic Apple online at Bodog, where the enchanted forest is never short on paydays.