How To Play Blackjack On Mobile

Switching the blackjack table for your mobile has never been easier. Find out how to play blackjack from the convenience of your phone at any time with Bodog’s quick-start guide.

Blackjack has always been as big a hit at Bodog as it is the world over. Since we first swung those casino doors open back in 1994, tens of thousands of eager players have taken their seat at the Blackjack table and doubled down on the superior experience and very real paydays that keep them returning. Nowadays, you can play blackjack online and in your mobile with more ease than ever before. Potential paydays are always ready, and only as far away as your pocket – wherever you happen to find yourself on a typical day.

Know how to play Blackjack on a desktop already? If you’re nodding, you’ll be glad to learn that, functionally, not much changes on mobile. It’s the same game – it’s just a whole lot more convenient. In fact, you don’t need a particular app or any new downloads to get started. You can enjoy Blackjack mobile betting directly by accessing Bodog Casino on your phone’s browser.


If you’re sitting at a desktop right now, why not open up Blackjack on your mobile and give it a try? Follow along right here to see how it all goes down on the small screen!

Play Blackjack Online: Mobile vs Desktop

It doesn’t matter if you play Blackjack on mobile or desktop – you play the game the same. As always, place a bet with the chips and hit “deal” to get your cards. Click or tap on your preferred move using the respective icons and see how you did. You still receive 1:1 for a regular win and 3:2 for a Natural. Now we’re talking Blackjack online.

The differences mainly come down to the interface and overall convenience. You can tackle mobile Blackjack betting on a road trip, waiting in line at the store, or taking a break from work in the lunchroom.

When you play Blackjack on your desktop, you know what those advantages are; you have more space to work with, which means the overall game screen is broader and more detailed. If you play a version of Blackjack optimized for mobile, you get a minimalist interface with controls only appearing as needed. Much cleaner, much more intuitive.

Any version of Blackjack at Bodog will automatically scale to the size of your mobile.

Best Blackjack Games at Bodog Mobile

The Blackjack games optimized for your mobile can be found in the same Blackjack tab as the other versions at Bodog. These are the versions that are the biggest hit on the small screen, and you can recognize them by the light blue or light green background on their icon.

Blackjack – Getting Started

If you’re looking to play Blackjack on mobile with the most classic version of the game, that would be the game with a light blue background labeled simply as “Blackjack”. No more, no less – just you, the cards, and your Blackjack skills.


This version of Blackjack uses six decks – standard for online Blackjack. The rules are standard, too; the dealer must hit on a soft 17, you can split up to three hands, and surrender any first two cards. Insurance is also available.

Now, this is how you play on your mobile:

  1. Select the chips to make your bet, then click on the center space.
  2. Hit “deal”.
  3. As soon as you are dealt your cards, the controls will automatically pop up to let you make a move, so just tap on your choice. A split or insurance will appear if it is an option.
  4. Once you see who’s won the round, either hit “Re-bet” to play again with the same bet, “Rebet X2” to play again, or simply select some more chips to change your bet.

That’s all there is to it. Easy breezy.

Double Deck Blackjack

Double Deck Blackjack is another way to play Blackjack on mobile.

Now instead of having six decks (i.e. 312 cards in the shoe), you have only two decks (104 cards). With fewer cards in the shoe overall, you have fewer 10-value cards, which are a massive deal in Blackjack.

10-value cards can be the difference between hitting a 17, 18, 19, or 20, which are the best hands to have aside from the obvious 21. Having fewer 10-value cards available doesn’t change the likelihood of obtaining one, because the ratio of 10-value cards to non-10-value cards is still the same.


So you do what you would always do. If you get a total of hard 10 – i.e. a total of 10 without an Ace (like 5-5 or 6-4), and the dealer shows a card that’s lower than yours – you should always double down, because there’s a decent chance you’ll get a 10-value card, and there’s zero chance that you’ll bust.

As for playing the game on your mobile, everything else looks exactly the same as it does in any other mobile-optimized game. The background is simple, displaying only the cards and a few controls, and the game is intuitive as it prompts you to make your move.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is another fun way to play Blackjack on your mobile.

It’s played with six decks and follows the same rules as regular Blackjack, but now you have the option of a side bet called – drum roll please – the Perfect Pairs side bet.

For this bet, you get paid if the first two cards are a pair. They can be a perfect pair, as in the same identical cards, which will pay you 30:1, a pair of the same color which pays 10:1, or a mixed color pair which pays 5:1.

To place the side bet, select your chip and tap on the upper rectangle in the betting square labeled “Perfect Pairs”. It’s that easy. Now, go forth and multiply that bankroll.


Whether you play Blackjack on mobile or desktop comes down to convenience and preference. You can hit up any game at Bodog through either device, but nothing beats the ease of playing Blackjack on mobile. So, wherever you are right now, your next round of Blackjack is right there with you.