Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon Betting

Winter is coming…eventually. But first, we’re going to open up the books and look at House of the Dragon betting. Fire up with Bodog today.

Winter is coming. Eventually. But first, we’re about to be hurtled many winters back in time, where the whispers sound more like this: dragons are coming.

We’ve been on the edge of our George R. R. Martin-monogrammed thrones for months now,  and finally, House of the Dragon is almost here. You can almost smell the scent of blood in the air. The show – a prequel to the Game of Thrones phenomenon, will air on HBO on August 21.


To celebrate the upcoming release of this latest masterpiece, let’s take a look at the different options you’ll find in the House of the Dragon betting markets. Fans of the original show will likely remember the types of Game of Thrones odds you could find here at Bodog while it was still airing. If you are one of them (and we’re sure there are many fans out there), you’ll feel right at home with the prequel.

With less than a month to go before the first episode airs, Bodog is taking a look at the main House of the Dragon betting markets.

House of the Dragon Betting: Who Will Be ‘the Hand of the King’ At the End of Season 1?

The Hand of the King is an essential job in the Game of Thrones universe. It may make the person sound like a servant, but they are one of the ruler’s most trusted advisors, and holding this position grants a lot of political power you can use for your own gain.

At the beginning of the show, it is believed Ser Otto Hightower, father of Lady Alicent Hightower, will be the Hand of the King.

But will he have a long tenure? The bloody history of Game of Thrones suggests otherwise.

Fortunately, there are two other key contenders for the position, so let’s compare their odds.

Otto Hightower (-130)

Otto Hightower is already the Hand of the King at the series’ commencement. That puts him in prime position to stay there by the end of season one.

And yet, as we have come to expect from George R. R. Martin, nothing is ever straightforward in Westeros. Many factors could sway Hightower’s employment status, most notably the insecurity of his employer’s position.


As we’ve covered previously in our discussions about House of the Dragon betting, there is likely to be a change in the ruler resting upon the Iron Throne. If that happens, they’ll want their own right-hand man/woman.

Corlys Velaryon (+220)

Corlys Velaryon is the Lord of House Velaryon and a legendary seafarer who often goes by the name Sea Snake.

While he doesn’t have many strong connections to the current holder of the throne, King Viserys Targaryen, he does have several members of his house who are vital contenders to replace the current monarch. If that happens, Velaryon could easily step into the role of Hand of the King.

Ser Criston Cole (+220)

Ser Criston Cole is a swordsman from the Dornish Marches. In the book, “Ice and Fire”, on which the TV series is based, Cole is one of the best warriors to have lived and even beat Daemon Targaryen (King Viserys’ brother).

He could, therefore, be a valuable ally to anyone making a play for the throne.

House of the Dragon Betting: Which Dragons Will Be Alive At the End of Season 1?

Of course, House of the Dragon will feature plenty of dragons, just as we saw in Game of Thrones. But like people, even these fire-breathing monsters can have a short life expectancy when George R. R. Martin gets his keyboard ready. Here are some of the favourites to make it to the end of season one.

Sheepstealer (-500)

Sheepstealer is a wild male who, as his name suggests, enjoys devouring sheep. In the books, Sheepstealer lived on Dragonstone at the start of the Dance of the Dragons, the events of which take place after the beginning of season one. Based on this, it’s likely he’ll still be alive by the end of it, which is reflected in his -500 odds.

Silverwing (-400)

Again, Silverwing is a dragon named for very obvious reasons. She is part of House Targaryen and is ridden by Queen Alysanne during the Dance of the Dragons. This suggests we could expect to find Silverwing to survive the first season of the show.

Sunfyre (-400)

Often called ‘Sunfyre the Golden’ after the way his scales shine brightly in the sun, Sunfyre is a male dragon ridden by Prince Aegon Targaryen. Like Sheepstealer and Silverwing, Sunfyre made it to the Dance of the Dragons, so he is likely to still be alive by the end of season one.

House Of The Dragon Betting: Will Any of These Characters Die in Season 1?

It wouldn’t be a true Game of Thrones spin-off if it didn’t offer plenty of death and destruction. There are a slew of characters with their necks on the line, but none more so than these.

King Viserys Targaryen (-7500)

Viserys Targaryen is the fifth king to rule over the Seven Kingdoms. He got the job after replacing his grandfather, Jaehaerys, and is perceived as a kind and decent man. But these aren’t qualities that fit well for a king in Viserys’ position, especially when you have a target on your back.


We know he dies at some point, but will it be in season one? The odds certainly suggest so.

Ser Laenor Velaryon (-5000)

As the son of Lord Corlys Velaryon and Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, Laenor Velaryon has a relatively strong claim to the throne, enhanced by his marriage to Rhaenyra Targaryen.

His close connections to power and heredity mean he’s at risk of being bumped off at any moment, possibly in season one.

Aegon Targaryen (-5000)

Aegon Targaryen (a.k.a. “Aegon the Conqueror” and “Aegon the Dragon”) became the first Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and the first king to sit on the throne. In the book, he reigned from 1 AC to 37 AC, while Visersy I sat on the throne between 103 AC and 129 AC.

His inclusion in the show is likely to be a flashback and, therefore, could easily result in his demise.

Game of Thrones odds have taken their throne at Bodog, and House of the Dragon betting opportunities are ferocious. The first episode is about to air, so take advantage of the odds while they’re fresh, and get ready for another wild ride – George R.R. Martin style.