Gangsterz Slot Review

Gangsterz Slot Review

Anyone who’s looking for a completely new way to play slots online should check out one of our newer BGaming slots called Gangsterz. This slot has reshaped the game, opting for a 7X7 grid instead of reels, and packing it with custom bonus features that’ll keep you guessing. Every time you hit “Spin”, the anticipation of what’s to come will be a major thrill. You could hit any one of the several features that range from detonating wilds to a Big Boss bonus.


This is different from any slot you’ve played before, so we recommend reading this Gangsterz slot review courtesy of Bodog Casino. This guide will give you an idea of how payouts are triggered and how the bonus features work. With this in mind, you can put it into practice by launching a session free of charge using Practice Play mode. Once you get the hang of things, switch to Real Play, so that you can keep everything you win.

Gameplay & Design

Gangsterz has a unique design compared to other online slots. Instead of using traditional reels, it has a 7X7 grid full of icons. Hit the “Spin” button and a 48 icons drop from above.

In order for a you to win a payout, five matching icons (or more) must land in a cluster. A cluster is a form of connected icons that can be attached either vertically or horizontally. As long as the icons are side-by-side, they are part of a cluster.

The clusters require five matching icons at a minimum to be considered a win—and when they trigger a win, the icons disappear, causing the ones above to drop down in a refill. Payouts depend on the number of matches in the cluster and are displayed on the paytable. You can win up to 12,000X your total bet.

Key Features

Progress Bar

To the right of the reels, there’s a vault that displays the number ‘100’. This is the “Progress Bar” and it starts at 100 for every new round and decreases by one unit for every single icon that’s part of a winning cluster. When the Progress Bar decreases by 25 units, it releases a new feature into the game. The following four features are the first ones you’ll see, but their order is random:


See between three to six symbols turn into wilds. They ‘detonate’ the four non-paying symbols that surround them.


This feature causes the low-paying symbols that were not part of a winning cluster to disappear from the grid.


Watch a symbol in the middle of the grid turn into a wild. The symbols connected to it diagonally (forming a big ‘X’) turn into matching icons (unless they happen to be wilds), creating a unique new opportunity to snag a payout.


One symbol is selected at random (along with all of its matches) to transform into other repeating symbols, boosting your odds of creating a winning cluster.

If you manage to get the Progress Bar down to 0, it triggers the final “Safe” feature, which unleashes a wave of wilds. First, a wild symbol that takes up 3X3 on the grid appears. It’s divided into two wilds with a smaller 2X2 footprint for the second refill. If you get to the third refill, it turns into nine individual wild icons.

Big Boss

This feature happens when four matching icons form a square—at which point they unite into a single Big Boss icon that takes up a 2X2 footprint on the grid. If it contributes to a winning cluster, it doubles the payout with a 2X multiplier. When several of these Big Boss icons become part of a winning cluster, their 2X multipliers are multiplied together for a mega multiplier that boosts the winning payout considerably.

Backlit Symbol

For every spin, a low icon is selected for this feature. The selected icon (and all of its matches) glow. If they happen to form a winning cluster, they disappear from the grid—as usual—but then are replaced by two wilds.

Second Chance

If your spin doesn’t yield a payout, it could initiate the Second Chance feature. Watch a random number of icons transform into wilds and potentially lead to a payout.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round is activated when you reach 0 on the safe; however, the game does include a Buy Bonus option that lets you pay 100X your total bet to force it. This bonus game has the vault hit the grid with a massive 3X3 wild. The refill sees the wild divide into two wilds that are slightly smaller with 2X2 footprints. In the next refill the wild turns into nine separate wilds that hit the grid randomly.


Casino Crypto Play

To launch a session of this wild slot game, you’ll need to sign up for an account at Bodog—if you haven’t already—and deposit funds to start your bankroll. The best way to do that is with cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies make it easy to move money in and out of your Bodog account, since they don’t require authorization from financial institutions. Once you’ve withdrawn funds from your Bodog account in the form of a cryptocurrency, all you need to do is convert it to a fiat currency (like Canadian dollars) through your chosen regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

If this sounds like too much work, keep in mind there’s a beefy match bonus available to everyone who deposits with cryptocurrency for the first time. A 150% match bonus (for up to $900) is much bigger than our standard welcome bonus.

Whether or not you choose to go with crypto when you fund your bankroll, you can be sure that Gangsterz will be available to play in our online casino. It’s one of many new BGaming slots released this year, and it’s the most innovative of the pack. This game is perfect for seasoned slot players who crave new and exciting ways to play their favourite casino games.


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