Playing to Win in a Bitcoin Casino


Playing to Win in a Bitcoin Casino

What percentage of our daily lives would be spent simply waiting for things to happen? You wait for the coffee to brew. You wait for the elevator. Then to top it all off, you wait for your payday. So harsh. Waiting is friend to no-one. You want to know what doesn’t make you wait?

Bitcoin. At a real money casino

When you play for real money Jackpots with Bitcoin, you get your money almost instantly. In fact, you can get thousands, if not millions of dollars – boom. Just like that. All from real money casino games, and especially the ones that move fast. Play fast, pay fast. What a deal. 

We’ll show you which games you can do just that at Bodog. After you cash out your Bitcoin deposit bonus and get 150% from us, these are the games to play for real money now. For the fastest (and biggest) payday.  

How Progressive Slots Pay Huge Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots on real money slots are like balloons. They swell bigger and bigger with each breath. As you continue to make wagers and spins, you can see the numbers inching higher and higher. Then, pop. Money explosion. There’s nothing else like it. 

So how do they work exactly?

Progressive Jackpots in real money slots start with a “seed” contribution from the House. Like a little gift from yours truly. Then every time a player makes a new wager, a portion of their wager goes to the Jackpot pool. As long as no one wins it, it just keeps growing. Then when someone “pops the balloon”, if you will, the fun starts again with a new seed contribution. 

So with popular games like Mega Moolah, there are thousands playing at any given time. It’s easy to see how the real money Jackpots reach $4.25 million. Which is precisely the amount of millions it sits at right now. But who knows? By the time you’re reading this, it’s probably reached $5 million. 

Anyway, that’s cool and all. But how can you win progressive Jackpots?

  1. Choose the slots with Progressive Jackpots. All of our slots are real money slots with real money Jackpots, obviously. But only a handful are of the progressive variety. Look for the red banner over each slot that tells you a dollar amount. Those are the progressive real money slots.   
  2. You have to make the right wager. Usually that means betting the max. But the only way to know for sure, along with all the other rules, is to check the Paytable. Which is kinda like your real money casino Bible for winning online Jackpots and other Bonuses. 
  3. Land the right combinations. Each slot with real money Jackpots has a unique way to win. You can see what that is for each game on the Paytable. All it takes is one good spin, and that online Jackpot’s all yours. 

Why Blackjack Has the Best Odds to Win

Why Blackjack Has the Best Odds to Win


If you’ve got an itch to win online Jackpots at a real money casino, why not pick a game with the odds in your favor?

Consider this. When you’re playing real money slots, the house edge can be anywhere from 5%-10%. It’s higher because the game is 100% random. Neither you nor the House has any control where the Symbols land. 

Then you have a game like Blackjack. Sigh. Blackjack, we love you. That’s because the House edge can be as low as .5%. It’s the lowest house edge of any game at a real money casino. Want to know why?

The main reason there’s any house edge in the first place is that you, the Player, always have to go first. That means that even if the Dealer has a hand that will bust, you will always bust first if you hit and go over 21. 

But there are some more reasons the odds are in your favor, too. 

  1. Choice. When you play Blackjack, the Dealer is forced to hit each time until they reach 17 or higher. You, on the other hand, can make informed, practice decisions about what to do next. Including whether to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. 
  2. Double down. Once you learn the scenarios that are most profitable, you can leverage certain hands to increase your winnings, making up for past losses.
  3. Split. You can strengthen weaker hands (like 6-6) for a higher chance of winning. 
  4. Surrender. When it’s available, this strategy decreases your losses even more. And once again, it’s only available for you, not the Dealer. 

The Differences and Variations of Video Poker

Moving on to more real money Jackpots for bigger, faster paydays. 

In the past, you had to rally up all of your buddies and play Poker at that one guy’s house that smells like stale Cheetos. You could only play a few games before the booze kicked in and you lost your Poker face. Now, thanks to a real money casino online (Hey! We’re Bodog), you don’t have to do that anymore. 

It’s all about video Poker. 

Video Poker has a lot more winning potential than regular Poker. 

The game itself is played the same way. But it moves much faster, and has up to 52 more chances to win in one game. That means massive online Jackpots in a fraction of the time. Allow me to explain. 

Single Hand Poker

We’ll get to the 52 chances thing in a second. But to understand that, first you should understand Single Hand Poker. This is closer to the traditional type you’re used to. 

  • You place one bet on your hand. 
  • You get 5 cards. 
  • You choose the cards you want to keep and replace the cards you don’t. 
  • And on it goes until your Final Hand when you cash out. 

Assuming you get a Royal Flush (of course you will), you can make some serious bank with a payout of 250:1. But what happens when you have more hands?

Multi-Hand Poker

Drum roll, please. Multi-hand. So many hands. Either 3, 10, or 52 to be exact. That means 3x, 10x, and 52x more chances to get a winning hand per game

It works a little differently than Single-hand Poker. For starters, you have more hands to look at on the screen. Then, you make decisions with one hand, and it’s reflected on all the others. When any of your multiple hands ends up with a winner, you get paid for each one. So there’s more to think about, but there’s so much more to win from the real money Jackpot, too. 

Imagine getting a Royal Flush on all 52 hands. Straight to the bank.  

4. Other Tables Games that Pay Fast and Why

So what other games can you play to cash out mega big and mega fast? Let’s pull up a seat at the table. 


Online Baccarat is great for winning fast and huge real money Jackpots. The game doesn’t involve any strategizing, i.e. pausing to think, so the pace is quick. You can fit nearly 200 games in one hour. That means you could be collecting wins every 3 seconds!

And the odds are good, too. You have 3 bets to choose from, with two of them having very similar odds. So when you’re playing quickly, you have the chance to change it up with minimal risk. For example, you could alternate between betting on the Banker (45.8% chance of winning) and the Player (44.6% chance). 

The only bet you shouldn’t rely on is the Tie, which only has a 9.6% chance of winning. 

Let ‘Em Ride

This is another rapid-paced game at a casino for real money. And buckle up. Because with Let ‘Em Ride, wins are always on your tail. This card game is loosely based on Poker. But it’s faster than Poker because it’s just you against the Dealer.   

The reason it pays out so quickly is that you can make 3 bets, and you control the pace. When your initial three cards are dealt, you have the option of continuing to the next round (lettin’ it ride), or ending it there and getting your wager back.   

Caribbean Stud Poker

Once again. You against the Dealer. Fast. Also, there are fewer actions. 

When you receive 5 cards, you don’t have the option to discard or draw new ones. But you do have the option to either Fold (give up your hand) or Raise (double your bet). 

Then the Dealer reveals their hand, and the outcome is decided. If the Dealer happens to not qualify because they didn’t have an Ace-King or better, you win right there. But if the Dealer’s hand does qualify with Ace-King or better and you win on top of that, you’re paid 1:1, plus more depending on the hand you won with. 

As you can see, when you play for online Jackpots at a real money casino, you’ve got endless opportunities to see that deposit swell as quickly as you can say “I’ll take bitcoin, thanks”. Whether it’s real money slots or Poker or Blackjack, we just want you to win quickly, and massively, of course.